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Hello! My name is Daisy, otherwise known as [ profile] days4daisy. Thank you so much for writing or drawing for one of my little loves!

I know many people will say they're easy to please, but...really, I'm easy to please! I will be happy with fic or art for General Audiences or NSFW. I love happy stories, sad stories, porny stories, and creepy stories. I have prompts written below, but feel free to write your own if you have an idea already. Happy writing/drawing!

* Banter, arguments
* Bets and Wagers
* Rivalry Ships or Enemies/Rivals to Friends/Lovers
* PWPs/Smut
* Alcohol, drunk one-night stands, awkward hungover morning afters
* Amnesia, Brainwashing, Mind Control, other mind-altering plot devices
* Mind Games
* Hurt/Comfort Sick/Comfort
* Canon-set Alternate Universe (role reversal, plot changes, making canon-enemies alt-friends or canon-friends alt-enemies, fix its)
* Fake dating
* Mistaken Identity - enemies not recognizing each other, masquerades, etc
* Atmospheric weather! Stuck in the rain, snowed in, huddling for warmth, being chased in thick fog, sweating in the dead of summer
* Dubcon: sex pollen, aliens made them do it, fuck or die, drug or alcohol-induced, inappropriate use of the Force, hatesex
* Jealousy Possessiveness
* Ghosts, wings, extraterrestrial/inhuman things, dream elements
* Dream fic, time loops, alt-timelines
* Power Dynamics
* Handcuffs, chains, rope, interrogation - bondage being used to enhance power dynamics or enemy/rival ships *_*
* Opposites attracting: the short one & the tall one, the older one & the younger one, the leader & the subordinate, the human & the non-human, the temperamental one & the calm one, etc *_*

Some general Art likes: Dark Colors vs. Light Colors contrasted in the same image, nighttime/shadows/moon and stars, rainy/foggy weather, chibi style, comics style, portrait style, clothes/uniform details, visual representations of tactile things (flushed skin for warmth or arousal, etc), HAAAAAAANDS - especially hands grabbing clothes, fisting hair, pinning someone's arm, etc *_*

* Animal abuse/death
* Spiders x_x
* Vomit (nausea = ok! But no graphic upchucking)
* 1st or 2nd POV
* Non-Canon Character Death
* A/B/O
* Role-defined BDSM or Roleplay
* Kid Fic or Pregnancy Fic
* Mundane AUs (coffee shop, flower shop, high school/college, etc)
* Arranged Marriage / Soulmates / Wedding fic
* Unrequested Crossovers or Fusions

American Gods (TV)

Abuse of Authority, Alcohol Abuse, Controlling/Possessive Relationship, Forced to Have Sex for Entertainment of Third Party, Fuck or Die, Hallucinations, Hate Sex, Hunted for Sport, Mistaken Identity, Nightmares, Power Imbalance, Scars, Secret Identity, Sexual Relationship as Unhealthy Coping Mechanism


Mad Sweeney/Mr. Wednesday: We don’t get to see much of these two interacting on the show, but the build up of their dynamic is fascinating to me. I love that Sweeney, once a king and a revered spirit in his own right, is a drop in the ocean next to Wednesday. I love the idea that Sweeney is Wednesday’s reluctant grunt because he owes Wednesday a debt. Is the ploy on Laura the first time Wednesday’s called to collect? Me thinks not. I love that Sweeney won’t hesitate to call Wednesday a liar and a cheat to his face, and that he’ll snark at Wednesday’s ravens ;D But he still does what Wednesday says, up until he gets wrapped up with Laura. There’s still a deferential respect there, and maybe a bit of fear.

Media/Shadow Moon: Man, I already loved Media in the book, but Gillian Anderson gave this character a whole other level of life in the show. I’m fascinated by how Media can warp time and space, and how she can recreate herself in any form that suits the point or the mood she’s trying to evoke. Shadow has already seen her as Marilyn Monroe and Lucy Ricardo. Who else can Media play in her attempt to woo Shadow to their side of the war? I also love the implied power Media has. She can knock teeth out of TV Boy with a simple blown kiss. What could she do to Shadow if she wanted to restrain him. Not hurt him necessarily, but make him realize what he’s up against. Shake him up a bit *_*

Fic Prompts

* I'd love to see any exploration of what Sweeney owes Wednesday and how Wednesday takes advantage of that owed debt. What types of craziness does Wednesday make Sweeney do for him? Is it some bloody business Wednesday doesn't want to dirty himself with? Is it super submissive sex that Sweeney hates but has to go along with? Is it forcing Sweeney to bait Shadow? I just find this dynamic crazy interesting and would love to see more!

* Hate Sex for Sweeney and Wednesday would, potentially earth-shaking. What could an angry Wednesday do to Sweeney? Can Sweeney even walk the next day? ;_;

* Media doses Shadow with some kind of drug or influences his mind in some other way. He knows he needs to get away from her right. now. but his body won't obey him.

Maybe if he doesn't let Media touch him he'll lose his mind, die, or some other horrible fate. Or maybe Media's fabrications are so convincing that Shadow thinks he wants this, when he reallyreally doesn't? Is this just Media's personal tactic, or is she doing this for Mr. World's audience?

Art Prompts

* What other visages would Media take on to try to convince Shadow? What world can she create that would make him feel like giving himself to her? And/or, take a darker approach. What would a capture look like? Are there cable wires? Is it the noose, or something else from Shadow's nightmares? Is there something he's been afraid of his whole life that she can exploit? What would Media forcing herself on Shadow look like? Is Mr. World present?

* Wednesday puts Sweeney in his place. Whatever that means to you. Could be a sexual dominant scene. Could be torture. Could be forcing him to do awful things, Sweeney all covered in blood while Wednesday is sharp as ever in a suit. Could be sending the ravens after him to squawk in his ears or pick at his skin and clothes. Could be taking Sweeney's coin - maybe he plants it on Shadow when they're both blacked out??

* I love the fantastical in this fandom. Anything that highlights the absurd beautiful nightmare quality of the characters and worlds Media can create. The awesomeness of Wednesday's power, rainstorms and lightning and blaring eyes.

* I also love the slice of Americana we get through the first season of American Gods. Give me a canon AU road trip with Wednesday and Sweeney. Give me small town dive bars, crappy motel sex, wide open corn fields, tree-covered mountains, old timey steeple-topped churches. I would also love to see this wide open Americana contrasted against Media's eye popping falseness in the same image.

Crossover Fandom

Aftermath of Torture, Alcohol Abuse, Amnesia, Chronic Insomnia, Conflicts Have Worn Them Down, Doppelganger, Evil Carnival Comes to Town, Forced to Have Sex for Entertainment of Third Party, Grief/Mourning, Imprisonment, Major Illness, Mistaken Identity, Nightmares, PTSD, Scars, Secret Identity, Sexual Relationship as Unhealthy Coping Mechanism, Sleep Deprivation As a Form of Torture, Suicidal Thoughts, Time Loop, Truth Serum


Cassian Andor (Rogue One)/Han Solo (Star Wars Original Trilogy): I mean, I want this for shallow reasons, sure. But these two together would be so interesting! Cassian has devoted his life to a cause, despite the terrible things the Rebellion demands of him. Han does bad things too, but his only cause in life is keeping himself and Chewie alive and paid. So much room for these two to clash, but also find understanding. And be hot together. Han's cockiness set next to Cassian's stoicism would be a dream, omg *_* For purposes of this exchange, I would also love to see Survivor!Cassian dealing with the trauma and pain left from Scarif, and how a chance meeting or relationship with Han would come into play. I would also love to see these two wrapped up in trouble together - imprisoned in the same facility before or after Rogue One? Maybe an AU where the Empire wins and any dissenters face Imperial wrath?

Dean Winchester (Supernatural)/Wynonna Earp/Doc Holliday (Wynonna Earp): I have an unhealthy need for these shows to be crossed over. Their worlds are so similar. I like that Dean is essentially a male Wynonna. Loose with the sex, trigger happy, crass, a lot smarter than people give them credit for. They’re also so freaking damaged, lord. The alcohol abuse. The unhealthy obsession with protecting family at all cost. How all their family drama has worn them down. Doc fits so well with them. He’s also so damn broken - betrayed his best friend, and now he has an eternity to live with the consequences. He’s so afraid of commitment, and that fear makes him look like a selfish asshole half the time. Dean has a stuttery hero complex with heroic male figures, so the attraction to Doc would work so well *_*

I have it in my DNWs, but just to reiterate: I have a difficult time with pregnancy fic. Please either set this prior to Wynonna’s pregnancy, or handwave that storyline altogether. Thanks for understanding!

Jack Thompson (Agent Carter)/Original Percival Graves (Fantastic Beasts): A little handwaving may be needed to make the timelines work, but I would love these two to meet. They’re both powerful figures in New York, but no one knows they’re there or what they even do. Jack, Chief of a hidden organization that protects the country from outside threats - many of which stray into supernatural territory. Graves, lead of a hidden order of mages that protect the country from outside magical threats. Would they ever have cause to figure out who/what the other is? Or could they meet by chance with no idea? I especially love the idea of these two meeting after their canons. Jack surviving Season 2 and returning to New York with a whole new perspective. Graves surviving Grindelwald and returning to his post with a whole new perspective. Damaged characters meeting damaged characters is a huge weakness of mine *_*

Fic Prompts

* I'd love anything in a post-Scarif Star Wars 'verse where Cassian survives. Does he have physical injuries or scars? Did he come out with terminal radiation sickness? Or will he live, but he's in constant pain, coughing/shortness of breath, etc? Or is the damage all psychological? Nightmares, hallucinations, suicidal thoughts, amnesia, etc.

Did he have a previous sorta-relationship with Han, and reuniting makes Han realize he cares a lot more than he realized? Did trauma break Cassian's mind, and Han remembers Cassian but Cassian no longer remembers him? Maybe Han's first introduction to Cassian is seeing Cassian at the memorial site for Rogue One, saying goodbye to his team. Maybe Cassian is considering suicide at this point, and Han inadvertently interrupts that final send-off?

Maybe Han thinks he's helping by drinking with the guy, but it's obvious Cassian is withdrawing more and more into himself. Or maybe Cassian comes on to Han in an uncharacteristic way, and Han is torn because he knows this is wrong for Cassian...but Han wants him too?

* Maybe Han and Cassian meet pre-Scarif. Are they in Imperial lock-up together? Maybe they're chucked into the same Labor camp? Are they both tortured? I especially love sleep deprivation as a form of torture, two imprisoned characters getting less and less lucid the longer they're kept awake would be lovely. Maybe they're injected with truth serum, which Cassian is trained to fight, complete with sweat and grit teeth and carefully measured responses. Meanwhile, Han is spouting all kinds of nutty stuff ^_^

* Or some post-Star Wars OT canon divergence where the Empire wins and any dissenters are either executed or imprisoned. Maybe Han winds up imprisoned with Cassian Andor, who's been alive since Scarif but no one knew? Han interacting with a Cassian who's survived years of Imperial torture and confinement would be so interesting. I'd also be interested in Han's mindset at the end, knowing most of his friends are dead, Luke has maybe turned to the Dark Side or been killed by the Emperor.

* I'm here for Wynonna, Doc, and Dean trying (unsuccessfully) to move past torture, either physical or emotional. Maybe Waverly and Sam were both hurt during the escape, not badly but...badly enough for Wynonna and Dean to be out of their minds. Any over-drinking and inebriated bad choices would be amazing. Maybe Dean is staying at the Earp house and wakes Doc or Wynonna up because he's in full nightmare mode?

* Wynonna and Doc know who the Winchesters are (was there a Winchester lineage in Doc's time?). So when doppelganger/demon possessed/shapeshifter Dean suddenly shows up, they may not be sure what they're dealing with isn't real.

Or maybe FBI agents Dean and Sam show up in town to investigate the demon gate or some other supernatural weirdness. Do they know about the Earp family?

* I love creepy carnivals, so "Evil Carnival Comes to Town" made me happy! Maybe Dean and Sam are tracking craziness involving this carnival all the way to Purgatory, where they happen to run into Wynonna, Doc and the gang. What kind of trouble do Wynonna, Doc, and Dean wind up in. Do they get trapped? Are they tortured? Does some evil force compel them to have sex against their will under the evil big top? Are they forced to admit their deepest, darkest secrets to each other and then live with the consequences of having it all out there?

* I'm endlessly fascinated by what post-Grindelwald Graves would be like. Maybe he feels safer around no-majs, and that's why he's in some bar. Maybe he stumbles on Jack Thompson drinking away the pain from the end of Season 2 of Agent Carter?

* I'm also here for Graves and Thompson knowing each other vaguely before Grindelwald. Can Jack tell the difference when he meets the new and improved doppelganger Graves? Or, what about a canon AU where Grindelwald chooses to infiltrate the SSR rather than MACUSA and takes Thompson instead of Graves. Maybe Thompson and Graves are in a relationship, and Grindelwald tries to exploit that. Is Jack suddenly asking about magic things he should know nothing about? Graves can't sense any change in him, and he's still giving off no magic reading, but...

* Or Graves winds up in a magical time loop. He realizes that random guy at the bar Thompson is going to play some role in breaking him out?

Art Prompts

* I love post-torture or battle wounds. Scars. Blood. Ripped clothes. Characters bandaging other characters. Holding onto each other as they limp away from a carnage scene. Or one character holding another character who isn't well enough yet to be able to get up.

* I love characters in bars. The long counter at Shorty's, and Wynonna/Dean/Doc taking shots with rows of empty glasses in front of them. Han and Cassian at some otherworldly cantina. Jack and Graves meeting in a low-lit speakeasy. I love flushed skin to show inebration, glassy eyes, clothes awkwardly being pulled off, characters tripping, stumbling onto a bed, leaning unsteadily against a wall as they make out.

* Sexy clothes and their removal! Dean's infamous flannel. Doc having sex with his hat still on. Graves' robes. Jack's suits. Han's open vest and form-fitting shirt.

* I love the eeriness of a doppelganger being depicted in an image. A fake Dean with a smile on his face that is totally not himself coming on to Wynonna and Doc. A fake Jack pulling Graves to him while the real Jack is in another room tied up and mouth gagged.

* Setting coming to play! I love the wide open small town feel of Wynonna Earp and Supernatural. Forests, long fields littered in snow. Or the different environments you can play with in Star Wars. Thick jungle forests, Hoth with all the ice, or in a sterile spaceship with a front shield showing nothing but black outside. Or New York, I love New York in images. I love the tall buildings, the bustle of the street. I especially love it aged back to post-WWI or WWII, with the older cars and the period clothing.

Penny Dreadful

Character’s Memories were a Dream/Delusion, Chronic Insomnia, Conflicts Have Worn Them Down, Demonic Possession, Doppelganger, Drugs, Fuck or Die, Grief/Mourning, Hunted for Sport, Imprisonment, Nightmares, Power Imbalance, Secret Identity, Sex Pollen, Sexual Relationship as Unhealthy Coping Mechanism, Sleep Deprivation as a Form of Torture, Time Loop, Whipping


Alexander Sweet | Dracula/Vanessa Ives/Ethan Chandler: When you’re talking dark fic territory, nothing makes me happier than thinking of an alt Penny Dreadful that Dracula wins. Ethan has pretty much renounced God by the time he returns to London, he was ripe for being wooed to the darkness by Sweet, especially with Vanessa at his side. Even with Ethan’s secret identity, I love the idea that a Vanessa possessed would be that much stronger than him. I love the weakness that could be caused by how much he loves her, and the ways Dracula could exploit that. Or maybe, rather than exploit, Dracula sees that wooing Ethan to their side is necessary to keep Vanessa as his? I would love all three as lords of the dark creatures, or Dracula and a darkness-possessed Vanessa keeping Ethan as their pet after London falls. But I also wonder, was there any future for Alexander Sweet aside from Dracula? Could he be saved from the monster inside him? Was he just a man when it all began, and what would he be like if Dracula was exorcised from his body?

Dorian Gray/Lily Frankenstein | Brona Croft/Victor Frankenstein: I’ll be honest - as satisfying as the scene is where Lily pours her heart out to Victor and they find some unexpected understanding… Man, there were missed opportunities to have messed up Dorian/Lily/Victor ;_; I would love a bit of a canon divergence where Lily hasn’t yet assembled her army of women when Victor comes calling again. Maybe Dorian is still totally on board with Lily as his mate, and he’s fully supportive of Lily’s desires to break down her creator. I especially love that Victor lost his virginity with Lily, and how Lily could really take advantage of that now that she’s gained this new power and perspective.

Ethan Chandler/Ferdinand Lyle: Oh, sweet ship ;_; In the nightmare that is Penny Dreadful, these two are such a lovely bit of affection. I know it was due to actor availability, but it still stings me that the series ended without Lyle knowing what happened to Vanessa. I would love Ethan to have the opportunity to break that news to Lyle, and for them to have a quiet moment together as Lyle reacts. I’m also totally here for any wildness Lyle might bring back with him from Egypt, or any craziness he may drag Ethan into if he hails back to London for assistance. I’m also totally here for Lyle’s morals being tested by an Ethan who fully reciprocates his interest - not just in mild flirtation but full-on going for it - with the insinuation that there’s some demonic/sex pollen/doppelganger madness going on.

Ethan Chandler/Sir Malcolm Murray: I wrote these two for Not Prime Time this year, and now I’m obsessed and there are NO fics other than my own to read ;____; I like how Malcolm takes on this surrogate father role for Ethan, for better or worse. There are so many incestuous tones in Penny Dreadful, I’d love to see that played out between these two a bit more. I’d also love to see what their relationship looks like post-Vanessa. Does her loss bring them closer, or is it awkward between them? Penny Dreadful is a fandom that demands any kind of demon possession/dark magic/unhealthy relationships/etc, so feel free to go as crazy as you’d like here! I love the age difference and the disparity in wealth between these two. How Sir Malcolm, with his huge house and his self-importance at the start of the show, truly is a stand-in for Ethan’s estranged father back in America.

Ethan Chandler/Victor Frankenstein: My blessed snarky children *_* Their relationship starts off so cold and competitive, and ends with an unlikely hug of brotherhood. But it still has this secret hanging over it (*cough*BRONA*cough*). Does Ethan ever find out? How does he react? I love how this found family could turn into an unhealthy incestuous sort of relationship of necessity. I love how much taller and stronger Ethan is. and how darn aware of it Victor is. Mockingly calling Ethan his robust brother, so jealous of Ethan being given the opportunity to go on Malcolm’s Nile quest, never missing an opportunity to gripe about Ethan being American and nowhere near the brilliant mind he is. I’d also like to see what Ethan and Victor are like post-show. Are they closer than ever, or do they go years without seeing each other again? I’m here for Victor’s drugs coming into play. Does Ethan visit him after he’s injected himself? Or is Victor trying to cut his habit, and Ethan deals with his withdrawal? I’m also here for Ethan’s wolf coming out to play; maybe Victor treats him after his turns, or maybe he wants to study Ethan in his turned form but Ethan gets loose and it all goes to hell?

Fic Prompts

* Sweet/Vanessa/Ethan is such a wonderful opportunity for torture and its side effects. I'm always hurt by the scene where Vanessa is presented with her perfect happy ending: she and Ethan dressed in all white surrounded by their lovely children in a wonderful little house. I would love Sweet to give her that type of a future glimpse, only with herself, Sweet, and Ethan. It can be sexy. It can be domestic and sweet. As long as Vanessa feels loved and accepted and happy...and then has it all wrenched away when she realizes none of it was real.

* I'm so interested in anything with Ethan either being wooed to Dracula's side, or an aftermath where Vanessa remains the dark queen and the night creatures rule. Does Sweet drug Ethan with something that makes him need to be touched despite how evil he knows Sweet to be? Any mind break would be lovely here, or an Ethan so worn down by his failure that he'll let Sweet do anything to him, and he can't even make an effort with Vanessa to hide his misery no matter how it hurts her. How would Dracula subdue the beast inside Ethan? Do they drug him? Do they chain and keep him like a pet? Do they whip him, until even the feral side of him is tamed? What would Vanessa do to Ethan, either through the demons possessing her or through her own misguided darkness, thinking that physically giving herself to him will make him happy somehow.

* If Alexander Sweet exists as a man separate from Dracula, and he can survive Dracula being exorcised from him, what would he be like after housing a creature that evil. Does he have nightmares? Chronic insomnia? Is he traumatized in other ways? Does he crave being touched as a reminder of his humanity, or does it take a very long time for him to let Vanessa and Ethan touch him?

* I would love to see what Lily's idea for revenge for Victor would be. Would it be physical pain? Chains? Whipping? Knifeplay? Sexual humiliation? Would she want to drug him? Get something in his system like a sex pollen that would make him completely lose control? Would she degrade him? Constantly remind him of how much weaker he is than her? The connection between them is so charged, I'd love to see how Dorian would react, and how he would fit into this. Would he be fully into it, like he was the first couple of times with Justine? Would he enjoy watching, or would he want to play while Lily watches?

* Ethan shares with Lyle what happened to Vanessa. Maybe he continues to visit Lyle afterwards, because he's become one of the few that understands what Ethan's been through. I just love the idea of these two sharing a drink and their melancholy together.

* Ethan is with Lyle when a project goes south. Some mummy horror? Ghosts? Vampyres or other creatures? Does Ethan volunteer himself for torture to spare Lyle? Or maybe whatever the evil force is takes on Ethan's likeness, or controls him like demon possession. Maybe the easy going fun flirtation warps into something way more serious and clearly not Ethan. Or maybe Lyle's research leads to some sort of sex pollen-y/fuck or die thing. And Ethan realizes this is far past teasing, but he cares enough to help.

* Something Lyle stumbles on leads to a time loop that always seems to end badly for himself and those he cares about. He keeps trying to convince the time loop!Ethan of the danger they're in.

* I just - so much is made about how physically strong Ethan is. I would love a situation where he's been tortured or so injured/broken down/mentally strained that a character like Lyle, Malcolm, or Victor steps in to take torture/rape/etc on his behalf. Ethan would be so angry and remorseful about it once he realizes what's happened. But I love his totally uncharacteristic weakness and pain being the thing that pushes a character to take a pain that he really has no issue bearing. (Malcolm, as steadfast and stern as he is, putting himself up for torture on Ethan's behalf though. Meep *_* Or Victor, as afraid as he usually is, maybe...knowing to some extent that he OWES Ethan because of what he did to Brona.)

* Characters dealing with trauma and nightmares together. Maybe Ethan comes to stay in Lyle or Malcolm's spare bedroom. Maybe Ethan and Malcolm both aren't sleeping. Or Ethan goes to Victor's in the middle of the night because he knows Victor will still be up (potentially with needle in-arm). Or Lyle stumbles on Ethan in the throes of a nightmare and struggles between waking him or letting him deal with his monsters on his own. I love damaged characters drinking or doing drugs together too, and making ill-advised choices because of other substances. Maybe it's an anniversary of Vanessa's passing, and her survivors assemble to commemorate her.

Art Prompts

* A glimpse into what Vanessa's happily ever after would look like with her, Sweet, and Ethan. Are they all dressed in white? Is it an idyllic peaceful scene, out in a meadow or in a perfectly Victorian house? Or are they naked and happy in a large bed? Is she being pleasured by Ethan and Sweet at the same time, or are they pleasuring each other for her enjoyment?

* What would a dark ending to Penny Dreadful look like? How do Vanessa and Sweet keep Ethan? Is he chained? Is he so broken that he doesn't need to be locked up anymore? Have they convinced him to rule by their side? Or is he scarred and damaged on the floor? I love how menacing the darkness is in this show - the shadows take on a life of their own. I'd also love to see them surrounded by their night creatures, maybe being worshipped by them? Or maybe they're allowed to drink from Ethan as Vanessa and Sweet look on?

* I love the visual indication that characters are being controlled by demons or dark forces. Black eyes. Pale skin. Surrounded by darkness. Eerie uncharacteristic smiles. A firmer grip than one would expect as he/she pins another character down.

* I love how Penny Dreadful plays with faith, a bit reverent and a bit subversive. I'm all for upside-down crosses making an appearance. Or churches. Stained glass windows. Graveyards. A character praying as something devilish lurks behind them.

* Any night creatures! Characters hunting monsters. Carrying guns and knives. Returning from battle bruised, torn clothes, a bit bloody. Ethan mid-turn. Dorian and Lily showering Victor in blood. Vampyres attacking.

* Compared to the nighttime and the doom and gloom of the shadows of Penny Dreadful, I also love the contrast with its outdoor scenes. The beauty of the gardens. Perfect, snow-covered city streets. The openness of the American West.


Aftermath of Torture, Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism, Amnesia, Character’s Memories Were a Dream/A Delusion, Conflicts Have Worn Them Down, Demon Deals, Doppelganger, Fall From Grace, Fuck or Die, Hate Sex, Major Illness, Nightmares, Powers Make Character Evil, Revenge Sex, Scars, Sexual Relationship as Unhealthy Coping Mechanism, Temporary Removal of Special Powers, Time Loop, Truth Serum, Whipping


Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester/Mick Davies: I knew liking any of the Men of Letters would be a bad idea, but then Mick Davies happened and...ugh. I love the contrast between these three. Mick, always dressed to the nines and super composed. Dean and Sam, in their blessed flannel, kicking it in crappy motels. I love Mick and Sam bonding over lore and Dean being so unimpressed. And man, Mick is so damaged. I love how composed he is on the outside, but being around these brothers seems to remind him how darn alone he’s been in his life. It only took a few weeks of hanging out with the Winchesters for Mick’s psyche to start to crack. He’s having nightmares. He’s questioning everything about how he’s lived his life. He’s exposing how much of an alcoholic he is, because lord - anyone who can drink Dean Winchester under the table has some major trauma-alcohol issues. I’d love to see him get more time in the Winchesters’ fold. It seemed like he was two seconds away from breaking, and I’m so interested in what that would have looked like and how Dean and Sam would have responded.

Please note: No permanent character deaths please! I’m fine for someone starting out dead or being killed partway through the fic, but please revive them by the end. My heart thanks you ^_^

Fic Prompts

* Mick not able to hide the inner turmoil he’s going through one night, and it’s a pain that resonates with Dean and Sam all too well?

* Any Fuck or Die or Sex Pollen! Dean/Sam/Mick stumble on a curse of some sort, Dean and Sam are brothers and know they shouldn’t be doing this...and they don’t trust the Men of Letters or Mick, but suddenly they’re stripping his suit off? :D

* I have many Mick Davies feelings and wanted him to spend so much more time with the boys, so I will love anything on this front! Mick’s drinking problem is pretty clearly thrown out there - maybe more on Dean and Sam’s blackout night with him? Or does Sam ever call him on it? Do Dean and Sam overhear one of Mick’s nightmares, or does Mick catch on to them?

* Maybe instead of his canon fate, Mick is totally reset by the MoL and stumbles back to Dean and Sam with no memory of who he is or what happened to him?

* Or Mick gets dosed with truth serum somehow (or Dean/Sam dose him) and he’s forced to spit out everything about his childhood, the terrible things he’s done with the MoL, and maybe how much he likes Dean and Sam? Does Mick live because of a demon deal, but now he and the Winchesters have to contend with the curse on him? Or is the sex between these three totally abrupt and ill-advised, but life sucks and they’ve all had a few and are here so...

Art Prompts

* I love road trips in this fandom. Maybe Dean and Sam in the Impala and Mick in the backseat?

* Torture or post-torture! Maybe Mick is helping to bandage Dean and Sam up? Or he’s bloody and wincing as Sam works on a his forehead and Dean brings them all beers? I love blood and torn clothes in torture scenes, bruises, rope/chain/any other kind of bondage?

* Always here for bar scenes, drinking, inebriated sex, etc! Mick is through twice as many beers as Dean and Sam?

* Maybe Mick, Sam, and Dean are dealing with a ghost in a graveyard. Or they’re shouting over strategy at that long table in the bunker.

Turn: Washington’s Spies

Abuse of Authority, Aftermath of Torture, Alcohol Abuse, Character Isn’t Sure Whether They’ve Been Raped, Conflicts Have Worn Them Down, Controlling/Possessive Relationship, Failed Rebellion, Hypothermia, Nightmares, Obsession, Power Imbalance, PTSD, Secret Identity, Sexual Relationship as Unhealthy Coping Mechanism, Time Travel Fix-It Gone Wrong, Trapped by Weather, Undercover Gone Wrong


Ben Tallmadge/Benedict Arnold: Something I would have never expected to want before watching this show, and...whelp. I love how much the relationship changes between these two. Ben starts with a hero worship of sorts for Arnold, a war hero injured in the line of duty. That all twists to Ben’s suspicion of Arnold, as Arnold becomes increasingly incensed and desperate for the finances he feels are owed to him. I love the contrast in rank between these two, and how that builds into some of their early tension. (The way Arnold tells off Tallmadge at his house party, oh man… Out of nowhere, and definitely piques Ben’s suspicions!) I adored the moment of Arnold saluting and Ben being too far out to hit the shot at the end of Season 3. And I love that, after everything, Arnold still writes to Ben and offers him the same rank to join his side! I’d just love to see this dynamic explored a bit more.

Ben Tallmadge/Caleb Brewster: My heaaaaaart ;_; These two have been an emotional rollercoaster since Day 1, and Season 4 has made their dynamic so much more complex and painful. I love the closeness of their friendship since childhood, but how the war has put a strain on that relationship. Ben isn’t just Caleb’s friend, he’s also his superior, and that causes more than its fair share of tension. I love the dichotomy in appearance between these two: Caleb, the seaman with the long beard and the tattered dress. Ben, done up in the blue and gold, a model of the Continental Army. I would love to see more of Ben and Caleb dealing with the trauma Caleb goes through in Season 4. I’d also be fascinated by what their relationship is like by the end of the war. Can they go back to being the friends they were before this all started? Can they at least find understanding together, because so few other people understand the pain they’re going through?

Ben Tallmadge/George Washington: Man, this relationship has gone to hell by Season 4, and I’m here for it. I love the rounded portrayal of Washington as this damaged man going further out of his mind trying to hold this army together against what seems like impossible odds. I love how dismissive Washington is of the father-son relationship Ben inadvertently tries to build between them, and how hurt Ben seems. I love how Ben’s preoccupation with Washington’s well-being affects every other aspect of his life, and the more worn down Washington becomes the more worn down Ben becomes. The status difference is a huge part of the appeal of this ship to me. I love the strategic way Ben has to learn to navigate Washington’s temper and biases - he has to know when to raise his voice and when to grin and bear it, even when a decision isn’t in the best interest of their men.

Fic Prompts

* Arnold takes advantage of his status over Tallmadge to keep Ben at his side at camp. Or Ben chooses to keep close to Arnold because he undercover suspects Arnold as a traitor, but his closeness puts him in a position to be taken advantage of. Or an undercover situation where Ben does answer Arnold’s hail in Season 4. What better way to gather intelligence than to agree to Arnold’s terms and “defect”? Maybe in doing so, he happens on a sexual relationship with Arnold that he wasn’t intending. Or maybe the Continentals lose the war, and Arnold is put in charge of deciding Ben’s fate.

* I put “time travel fix-it goes wrong” in here because I’d love to see someone else’s time travel affect these super-important characters in history. What gets changed, and how does that affect everything? Do the British win? What does that mean for Ben/Caleb or Ben/Washington? What does it mean for the colonies? Is Arnold a hero in this changed world? Or does something else change, where the results stay the same but a character dies who isn’t supposed to, or something else happens to them? Maybe Ben defects instead of Arnold? Maybe Washington is captured? Or Caleb turns out of a misguided attempt to protect his friends when he thinks things are going south?

* The torture Caleb goes through in Season 4 hurts my heart...and I would love to see more of it ^^; Especially the post-effects of what he went through. Is Ben ever able to wrap his mind around it and sit down with him? Caleb, drunk off his ass, makes a move on Ben in that handsome uniform of his? Caleb dealing with PTSD in other ways - drifting off in conversations, maybe making some terrible mistake in the field that can’t be fixed or has huge consequences? Does he maybe get back to camp post-Simcoe, and he doesn’t know whether he’s been raped or not, in addition to everything else? ;_;

* Caleb and Ben trapped in the elements and trying to survive! I love the Season 1 episode where Ben accidentally falls into the freezing water, and Caleb has to nurse him back to health. More of that! Caleb and Ben trapped in a freak snowstorm or flooding rainstorm together. Is one of them hurt, and the other chooses to stay with him? Is hypothermia setting in? Anything with shared body heat, and fear that the other isn’t going to make it? So good *_*

* I love how Turn shows the effects of the war on Washington’s psyche, and I would love to take that to a bit of an extreme with Ben. Does Washington disagree with him so strongly that he lashes out in anger, either to hit Ben or to force himself on him? Or does he order Ben to touch him because he’s testing Ben’s loyalty? Maybe Washington’s paranoia makes him extra controlling of Ben? (Like...gaaaaah Season 4 when Washington realizes Ben was sent that letter by Arnold! I died!) Does he make a point of demeaning Ben in public? Or does he intercede if Ben is having private conversations with Hamilton, or Billy, or Lafayette, or Caleb?

* Complete opposite, at times Washington is in such a fragile state of mind that he seems to take for granted that his command core will always be there. What if Ben is carrying out some ill-advised mission and he’s nearly killed, or breaks his leg, or gets caught in a storm and is rescued barely conscious and weak/feverish? Would Washington soften based on more-than-professional feelings, or is he in such a warped state that he would react in anger that Ben let this happen to himself?

Art Prompts

* I love how the state of the Continental camp goes way south as the series progresses. Anything that shows the dirtiness of the tents, snow littering the ground, foot soldiers in tatters, fires made up to try to keep warm.

* I love post-battle or post-torture scenes. Elaborate continental or British uniforms in tatters. Blood on the face. Hair in shambles. Bruised. Barely able to stand, or on their knees. Where would Ben and/or Washington be locked if the rebellion failed? A captured Ben tied up and forced to kneel in front of General Arnold would be lovely. Or Ben/Caleb return from battle bloody and exhausted. Or Ben is in Washington’s presence, all cut up and bandaged.

* Anything with Ben and Arnold together, seriously. It would be so wrong but so amazing :D Maybe Ben undoing Arnold’s British uniform if he’s gone to New York undercover as a defector? Is Ben also in a red coat? o_o Maybe Arnold undoing Ben’s waistcoat or letting his hair out, and Ben with his head tilted back because this is so wrong but he has to pretend he wants it?

* Ben and Caleb together in Ben’s tent. Lying together, or Caleb drinking away his pain as Ben looks on. Rosy cheeks and dark eyes. Maybe this time Ben is drinking with him? Maybe they’re arguing? Maybe Caleb is still bandaged and slumped post-torture? Or Caleb is peeling off Ben’s uniform?

* Anything that shows the power imbalance between Ben and Washington! Ben on his knees in front of Washington, maybe undoing his belt? Washington shouting at Ben as Ben stands rigid and takes it? Ben’s back to Washington, hands on the desk and his pants being lowered? Maybe not with the happiest look on his face, angry or resigned?

Warcraft (2016)

Aftermath of Torture, Character Isn’t Sure Whether They’ve Been Raped, Dark Magic, Doppelganger, Enduring Rape to Protect Another Character, Enduring Torture to Protect Another Character, Failed Rebellion, Fuck or Die, Hallucinations, Imprisonment, Major Illness, Owned Like a Pet, Powers Make Character Evil, Sex Pollen, Whipping


Anduin Lothar/Khadgar: These two! I love the contrast in age/experience vs. power here. How much longer Lothar has been at his status vs. Khadgar, who’s still so young but already so strong. I’m obsessed with the meeting between these two, and how dismissively Lothar covers Khadgar’s mouth when he’s trying to spellcast! I love that Lothar is bigger and stronger, but Khadgar is self-assured and not afraid to raise his voice against people more powerful or at a higher status than he is. I’m totally here for any residual dark effects of the Fel, or any other magical conundrum you want to throw these two into. I’d also love a canon divergence where Lothar and Khadgar don’t defeat Medivh, or Stormwind falls to Gul’dan and what that failure means for their lives.

Fic Prompts

* This fandom just deserves all the whump. Characters being tortured. Maybe Khadgar is rescued from some evil force or enemy, and he’s sore and bruised and can’t remember everything that happens. These two imprisoned together would be amazing, especially if Khadgar’s mouth is gagged or his tongue is bound in some other way. Maybe Lothar offers to be tortured on Khadgar’s behalf, or Khadgar offers himself for Lothar *_*

* I love that bad things in this fandom can be physical or magical. Any form of magical torture, especially to break down stronger physical beings like Lothar would be interesting to me. I also love a larger character being so broken down that the smaller character feels the need to jump in, and making the larger character watch. Like, Lothar watching Khadgar be whipped or tortured in some other way would be amazing. Or could coming in contact with the Fel maybe leave Khadgar ill somehow, but it’s from something not of this world and no one has any clue how to help him?

* I also love dark magic used to deceive and play with the mind. Maybe Khadgar is kidnapped or injured somewhere, and a dark twin takes his place? Or if the Fel has the ability to get into his mind, maybe it takes control and he’s twisted somehow? Maybe Lothar doesn’t realize he came back wrong until it’s too late? And Khadgar is so much stronger than Lothar with this evil power running through him? Or some kind of dark force causes hallucinations, maybe leads to Khadgar thinking Lothar is interested in him and it’s something he didn’t even realize he wanted until now! - but it’s all in his head ;_;

* Fuck or Die or Sex Pollen. Need like burning.

* What happens to Lothar and Khadgar if Gul’dan wins? Are they chained up on display for orc amusement? Tortured? Treated like pets?

Art Prompts

* Any torture or post-torture scenes! Khadgar on his knees chained and being whipped while Lothar is forced to watch, maybe. Khadgar and Lothar in a cell, and Khadgar’s mouth is gagged. Khadgar gingerly trying to tend to Lothar’s wounds. Or post-escape, with bloody scars and torn clothes, with their arms around each other for support.

* I love the vivid colors of the magic in Warcraft! The blue of Khadgar’s spellbinding. The green of the Fel. I’d love to see art depicting magic in some way! Maybe it’s a battle scene, maybe Khadgar has a field around himself and Lothar for protection, maybe Khadgar or Lothar is infected with the Fel and the green is just becoming visible in their eyes.

* Khadgar at Lothar’s side as he mourns at Llane’s gravesite.

* Lothar and Khadgar bound and forced to kneel at Gul’dan’s feet!

* Lothar tries to help Khadgar through an illness that he can’t understand. Maybe he’s sitting next to Khadgar’s bedside. Maybe Khadgar starts to pass out and Lothar is the only thing keeping him upright. Maybe Lothar is so injured, he can only shout for Khadgar as Khadgar is on his knees in front of him, trying to hold a protection spell but looking weaker and weaker. I absolutely love any kind of tension visibly depicted in art! Grit teeth, clenched hands, blood and/or sweat down the face, etc.
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