Jul. 30th, 2017

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Hello! My name is Daisy, otherwise known as [archiveofourown.org profile] days4daisy. Thank you so much for writing or drawing for one of my little loves!

I know many people will say they're easy to please, but...really, I'm easy to please! I will be happy with fic or art for General Audiences or NSFW. I love happy stories, sad stories, porny stories, and creepy stories. I have prompts written below, but feel free to write your own if you have an idea already. Happy writing/drawing!

* Banter, arguments
* Bets and Wagers
* Rivalry Ships or Enemies/Rivals to Friends/Lovers
* PWPs/Smut
* Alcohol, drunk one-night stands, awkward hungover morning afters
* Amnesia, Brainwashing, Mind Control, other mind-altering plot devices
* Mind Games
* Hurt/Comfort Sick/Comfort
* Canon-set Alternate Universe (role reversal, plot changes, making canon-enemies alt-friends or canon-friends alt-enemies, fix its)
* Fake dating
* Mistaken Identity - enemies not recognizing each other, masquerades, etc
* Atmospheric weather! Stuck in the rain, snowed in, huddling for warmth, being chased in thick fog, sweating in the dead of summer
* Dubcon: sex pollen, aliens made them do it, fuck or die, drug or alcohol-induced, inappropriate use of the Force, hatesex
* Jealousy Possessiveness
* Ghosts, wings, extraterrestrial/inhuman things, dream elements
* Dream fic, time loops, alt-timelines
* Power Dynamics
* Handcuffs, chains, rope, interrogation - bondage being used to enhance power dynamics or enemy/rival ships *_*
* Opposites attracting: the short one & the tall one, the older one & the younger one, the leader & the subordinate, the human & the non-human, the temperamental one & the calm one, etc *_*

Some general Art likes: Dark Colors vs. Light Colors contrasted in the same image, nighttime/shadows/moon and stars, rainy/foggy weather, chibi style, comics style, portrait style, clothes/uniform details, visual representations of tactile things (flushed skin for warmth or arousal, etc), HAAAAAAANDS - especially hands grabbing clothes, fisting hair, pinning someone's arm, etc *_*

* Animal abuse/death
* Spiders x_x
* Vomit (nausea = ok! But no graphic upchucking)
* 1st or 2nd POV
* Non-Canon Character Death
* A/B/O
* Role-defined BDSM or Roleplay
* Kid Fic or Pregnancy Fic
* Mundane AUs (coffee shop, flower shop, high school/college, etc)
* Arranged Marriage / Soulmates / Wedding fic
* Unrequested Crossovers or Fusions

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