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Hello! My name is Daisy, otherwise known as [ profile] days4daisy. Thank you so much for writing or drawing a crossover for one of my little loves!

I know many people will say they're easy to please, but...really, I'm easy to please! I will be happy with a fic for General Audiences or NSFW. I love happy stories, sad stories, porny stories, and creepy stories. I have prompts written below, but feel free to write your own if you have an idea already. Happy writing/drawing!

* Banter, arguments
* Bets and Wagers
* Rivalry Ships or Enemies/Rivals to Friends/Lovers
* PWPs/Smut
* Alcohol, drunk one-night stands, awkward hungover morning afters
* Amnesia, Brainwashing, Mind Control, other mind-altering plot devices
* Mind Games
* Hurt/Comfort Sick/Comfort
* Canon-set Alternate Universe (role reversal, plot changes, making canon-enemies alt-friends or canon-friends alt-enemies, fix its)
* Fake dating
* Mistaken Identity - enemies not recognizing each other, masquerades, etc
* Atmospheric weather! Stuck in the rain, snowed in, huddling for warmth, being chased in thick fog, sweating in the dead of summer
* Dubcon: sex pollen, aliens made them do it, fuck or die, drug or alcohol-induced, inappropriate use of the Force, hatesex
* Jealousy Possessiveness
* Ghosts, wings, extraterrestrial/inhuman things, dream elements
* Dream fic, time loops, alt-timelines
* Power Dynamics
* Handcuffs, chains, rope, interrogation - bondage being used to enhance power dynamics or enemy/rival ships *_*
* Opposites attracting: the short one & the tall one, the older one & the younger one, the leader & the subordinate, the human & the non-human, the temperamental one & the calm one, etc *_*

Some general Art likes: Dark Colors vs. Light Colors contrasted in the same image, nighttime/shadows/moon and stars, rainy/foggy weather, chibi style, comics style, portrait style, clothes/uniform details, visual representations of tactile things (flushed skin for warmth or arousal, etc), HAAAAAAANDS - especially hands grabbing clothes, fisting hair, pinning someone's arm, etc *_*

* Animal abuse/death
* Spiders x_x
* Vomit (nausea = ok! But no graphic upchucking)
* 1st or 2nd POV
* Non-Canon Character Death
* A/B/O
* Role-defined BDSM or Roleplay
* Kid Fic or Pregnancy Fic
* Mundane AUs (coffee shop, flower shop, high school/college, etc)
* Arranged Marriage / Soulmates / Wedding fic

Crossover #1
Dark Matter
Guardians of the Galaxy
Rogue One
Star Wars Original Trilogy

Optional Ships I Will Love: Two/Three, Three/Four, Two/Three/Four, Two/Gamora, Two/Three/Gamora, Two/Three/Quill, Two/Three/Gamora/Quill, Cassian/Luke, Cassian/Han, Han/Luke, Han/Two/Three, Han/Luke/Leia, Quill/Cassian, Quill/Lando, Han/Leia/Cassian, Jyn/Two, Jyn/Gamora, Jyn/Cassian/Two, Jyn/Cassian/Two/Three … And really any combination of these characters, TBH ^^;; I like so many ships.

My Space Fandom(!) Crossover Category. But no really, it’s not just Fandoms in Spaaaaace. It’s the conflicts of these four mediums; four teams of characters in the middle of overarching intergalactic conflict and against what seem like impossible odds. The Dark Matter and Guardians crews are outlaws, Jyn and Han are outlaws in their own right, and Cassian does a ton of shady stuff in the name of the Rebellion. Rogue One, Star Wars, and Dark Matter are all dealing with an overarching Empire/Galactic Authority making everyone’s lives miserable, and the GOTG has no shortage of space enemies. There is so much opportunity for these characters to interact, either as convenient allies or obstacles!

Fic Prompts:

* It’s an imprisonment party! All our characters get trapped in the same prison and suddenly find themselves allies of necessity to get out. Or just partners in misery. Or natural rivals inside the prison! Maybe they’re chucked in Hyperion 8 in DM!verse, or the Klyn for GOTG, or Wobani Labor Camp for Rogue One, or the Death Star for Star Wars.

I love that some of these characters are notorious criminals, and others would fly so under the radar. Like, Jyn is under a false name in Wobani, but she sure as hell would know who Gamora is. Maybe she and Gamora are Wobani cellmates and get busted out by the Guardians crew, and/or swiped by the Rebellion? Maybe the Guardians gang shows up for the rescue right before the Rebellion team, and all hell breaks loose?

Or, everyone seems to know who Two/Three/Four are in Hyperion 8...except them with their memories lost. Maybe Rocket and Groot ran into them plenty of times, and they’re having a blast with these memory-less assholes now.

Or, maybe when Han and Luke show up on the Death Star to save Leia, the Dark Matter and/or Guardians crew are one cell over. Han knows all these assholes from his smuggling days, but does he really want to help them is the question??

* Too many cooks in the kitchen! There’s a mark. Maybe it’s Krennic, or some other high ranking Imperial officer. Maybe something valuable winds up at Jabba’s palace, and multiple crews want it.

Like, there’s some Imperial gathering, perfect time to sucker the Imperial officer and get his goods/info/etc. But Cassian can’t run his con because goddamn Peter Quill is here dressed fine as fuck and setting off warning bells left and right XD Or Han just got back from a prize run for Jabba and he’s kicking it on Tatooine but...fuck, he knows exactly who Marcus Boone and Portia Lin are, why the hell are they here? (Also looking fine as fuck, that threesome would be 100/100 would read!!)

* Or the “you owe me” recruitment speech. Cassian appeals to people who don’t have much morality left for Scarif. Maybe the Raza’s been helping the Rebellion on the low, maybe they come to Scarif’s aid or volunteer to help on the mission. Maybe Gamora remembers Jyn from Wobani and convinces her other idiots to help the cause. (Rocket would not be amused AT ALL, let me tell you.)

* Stopover buddy or sex-making? Same space station R&R means all of a sudden the Guardians crew is drinking right next to the Dark Matter crew? Or the Rogue One crew is drinking in the same cantina as Han, Luke, Ben, and Chewie are making deals? Or the Guardians are stopping over in Cloud City (where Quill may or may not be having quickie sex with Lando because HOT DAMN), and surpriiiiiise Vader here’s! Or Han and Luke are scouting for the next Rebel base after Yavin 4, but it turns out a Dark Matter deal is happening, and hey, now everyone’s pointing blasters at each other! (Or maybe there’s a lot of sex pollen. A lotoflotof sex pollen *_*)

* Job Gone Wrong WTF-ness! The Guardians fuck up one of the Raza’s jobs and ends up stuck on their ship, or vice versa. The Guardians or Raza crew fuck up a Rebel plot, and all of a sudden they’re locked up and getting questioned by Cassian and Jyn, or maybe Mon Mothma?? Does Mothma give them the sales pitch to join the Rebellion effort? Or oops, wrong place wrong time and all of a sudden the Raza or Guardians are dealing with torture happy Darth Vader who was supposed to just be waiting for Luke and company in Cloud City! Maybe they’re held in the same cell as Han, Leia, and Chewie?

* There isn’t much that could bring the Guardians and the Dark Matter crew together. But hearing what happened on Scarif does it. Maybe it’s a memorial, maybe it’s just a night drinking and reminiscing. But they have a truce for one night.

Art Prompts:

* I love prison scenes! Characters interrogating other characters. Cuffing or chaining characters. Torture! Unlikely allies plotting escape! Unlikely ally protects other ally in a fight or helps them post torture! Bandaging wounds, stroking their hair as they curl on a bed. (I especially love when it’s the big strong dude of the bunch being whumped on!) Orrr prisoner sex. Nestled in a cell or far corner, clothed and desperate *_*

* Fancy party full of assholes! Clean characters up, put them in suits and fancy dresses and officer uniforms. Give them champagne and masquerade masks! Secret eye contact! Strip each other! Fight in fancy clothes, grab suit edges, tear dresses! Post fight, fancy clothes bloody and torn, sharing a beer or making out or all the h/c!

* Jabba’s palace! It's so sandy but full of fun. I love the claustrophobic feel, the one-note color of the walls and the floors. How freaking shady the inhabitants are. I love the idea of characters from different fandoms popping up in there with their own hidden agendas. Is it pre-ANH, Han lounging around when other characters infiltrate? Or maybe Han is on carbonite on the wall and Rocket’s admiring the likeness or Two and Three are making eye contact underneath. Are they plotting to get him out, or are they thinking Han had it coming? ;)

* If my prompts haven’t made it clear enough, characters in bars! Cantinas! Sneaking a flask! A heated (and/or flirtatious!) game of sabacc between Quill and Lando? Maybe Rocket and Han are looking on, making bets? :D Maybe Two and Three are reluctantly on a job to help the Rebellion, and they’re outside some shady cantina sharing intel? Or maybe Cassian is post-Rogue One sitting at a cantina counter. Is he scarred after Scarif? And he catches Quill and Gamora’s eye? Or Two and Three sit next to him looking super interested?

I’m also so here for obvious inebriation and sexytimes! I love tinted skin as a sign of warmth, maybe some extra bright wobble in the eyes? *_* Quill has one too many and stumbles out after Lando and his majestic cape? Drunk Three got himself into an arm wrestling contest with Drunk Drax, and this is such a freaking bad idea… Jyn is impressed that Two doesn’t seem anywhere near as light-headed as she does as they’re heading back to Jyn’s room...maybe she doesn’t know about the nanites?? Two and Three attend to drunk post-Scarif Cassian?

* H/C scenes! I love blood, bruises, bandages. I love haaaaaands wrapping bandages. Hands stripping people out of torn clothes. Hands gently cupping faces as someone leans in to check for signs of concussion. I like normally brash characters looking a little sad, a little tired. I love battle-weary kisses. I love battle-triumph kisses!

And for rival ships, I love battles that turn into kisses! Two and Jyn grappling to the floor and ending up in a kiss. Or Three and Han wrestling around until making out seems more fun than hitting each other anymore. Or guns pointed at each other in the middle of making out. Gunplay, knifeplay (especially when one character gives another character a little love-nick on the side of the neck or the chest? *_____*)

Crossover #2

Optional Ships I Will Love: Gabriel/Michael, Castiel/Michael, Castiel/Michael/Gabriel, Castiel/Michael/Dean, Dean/Castiel, Castiel/Crowley, Dean/Crowley, Gabriel (Dominion)/Crowley, Michael/Gabriel (Dominion)/Lucifer (Supernatural)

I just...these fandoms go so. well. together. But there are so few crossovers, and that makes me remarkably sad! If you’re up to date on Supernatural, you also know there’s literally a plot device that will let Supernatural characters pop up in a world where angels are fighting mankind. Like...for real, this needs to happen!

I’m also totally here for no separate universes. Instead of the Apocalypse storyline in Season 4/5 of Supernatural, maybe Gabriel brings the war against humanity and Dean and Sam are caught in the middle of that? Or the Winchesters grow up in Dominion-verse during the war. Maybe Dean or Sam is the Chosen One? Or maybe they’re part of Michael’s Archangel corps, and they inadvertently stumble onto angels like Castiel living in Vega? I love angelcest and angel hierarchy, so I would love anything about how Castiel relates to Michael and Gabriel. With the surprising lack of demons in Dominion, I’d also love to know what the heck a Dominion!Crowley is up to. Or, if Supernatural Crowley stumbles into Dominion!Verse somehow, what mischief can he get up to in a world that angels are tearing apart?

Fic Prompts:

* Michael, Gabriel, and Castiel before the war. Make it happy - maybe Michael and Gabriel introduce Castiel to something on Earth for the first time. Make it sad - Michael punished after The Flood, and Castiel is forced to watch or be a part of it. Or Michael and Gabriel want Castiel to choose allegiance between them. Make it porny - lots of wing stroking and archangels attending to their little brother *_*

* Michael is the protector of Vega, Castiel is his hidden angel second in command. Or maybe Castiel and Noma match rank and are constantly at odds :D How would Castiel react when he learns of Noma’s decision at the end of Season 2?

* Who would Dominion Sam and Dean be? Maybe Mary died during the angel invasion, and they’ve spent a lifetime learning how to hunt angels from John Winchester? How do they get to Vega, and why? Do they trust Michael, or do they want to kill him? Give me a scene of life on the road in this post-apocalyptic wasteland. Show me them getting locked up in Vega, or maybe getting whipped by Michael as punishment?? Give me Winchesters snarking back at David Whele, while William coughs to hide smirks at his dad’s expense?

* Gabriel captures Chosen One Dean or Sam. Does he torture them? Try to break them with crazy hot sex? Try to reason with them, to join his side over Michael’s?

* Castiel is loyal to Gabriel as his second in command, but he starts to question his brother’s motives, or he’s tempted by Michael to join his side.

* I love the tension in Supernatural in early seasons where Sam is “Other” and Dean is trying to reconcile that. Maybe in a Dominion crossover, Sam is the Chosen One - does Dean know? Does he not? What is that tension like? Is Michael forcing Sam to keep it a secret? Is Sam allied with Gabriel, but he thinks he’s doing the right thing?

* Dean is the Chosen One, and Castiel is assigned by Michael to be Dean’s guardian. Maybe Dean is the only one who knows Cas is an angel; maybe Dean hates angels and he distrusts Cas immediately. Or maybe he doesn’t know Cas is an angel. He just assumes Michael stuck him with this nerdy guy, and - wait, why is Dean getting so protective of him all of a sudden? :D

* Dean is in Archangel Corps with Lannon, Noma, and Ethan. Day to Day life on the Corps! Does Dean ever find out what Lannon is? Do they all get along, or does Dean butt heads with people?

* S12 Supernatural spoiler - crossing the fissure actually leads to Dominion!verse. Does SPN!Lucifer come across Michael and Gabriel in this other world? What is that relationship like? Especially with Michael and Gabriel thinking they killed their brother, and Lucifer thinking he killed Gabriel!

* Dominion Michael and/or Gabriel somehow cross into Supernatural verse. One is supposed to be out of his mind in the cage, the other is supposed to be dead by Lucifer’s hand. Oops...

* Just porn, man. All the porn. Cas/Michael/Gabriel full on angel-sex with wings and hotness. Cas/Michael/Dean sex in the Stratosphere, maybe Dean is the Chosen One with all those tats and they’re slithering all over Michael and Cas’ bodies? *_* Cas/Michael allegiance sex, with wings and maybe a leash and some kneeling and ordering? Or some Sam/Dean/Alex/Noma Archangel Corps Shower Sex??? :D

* One brother works for House Whele, the other works for Archangel Corps. (If you give me William Whele blushy over a Winchester I will diiiiie.) Or one gets into Archangel Corps, the other doesn't and is living out on the street. Or one is the Chosen One and the other worships Gabriel!!

* Is there a Dominion Crowley, or could Supernatural Crowley end up in Dominion!verse smehow? What would a confrontation between Crowley and Michael or Gabriel be like? Could Crowley talk either into working with him? Would either turn to a demon out of necessity? Or would Crowley engage them because he hates all angels but he hates Lucifer most of all and wants to help?

Art Prompts:

* Wings! Especially wing touching, wing binding, maybe some broken wings in Castiel’s case? *_*

* Angel outfits in Dominion. Michael’s v-neck! Gabriel’s leather! What would Cas wear there, or would he still be beige trenchcoating?

* Taaaaattooooooos. Ward tattoos on the brothers. Cas’ tattoo on his ribs. if one of the brothers is the Chosen One, or if you feature Lannon, god I love all those Chosen One tattoos. Guh Guh Guh. I especially love anything that would give the appearance of “movement” of those tattoos. Maybe show the Chosen One be affected by how the tattoos are moving on his body, or show them moving onto the body of a sexual partner? *______*

* Swords and guns. And characters threatening each other with them!

* The lights of nighttime Vega. Characters under big flashy signs or in shadow alleys.

* Barren desert wastelands. Broken down old casinos littered with useless dollar bills.

Crossover #3
Wynonna Earp

Optional Ships I Will Love: Bartleby/Loki, Jesse/Cassidy, Jesse/Cassidy/Tulip, DeBlanc/Fiore, Wynonna/Doc, Wynonna/Doc/Dolls, Doc/Dolls, Wynonna/Dean, Dean/Doc, Wynonna/Dean/Doc, Jesse/Tulip/Dean, Sam/Cassidy, Bartleby/Loki/Castiel, Wynonna/Cassidy, Wynonna/Jesse/Doc, Wynonna/Tulip/Jesse, Doc/Cassidy … Or really any combo here!

And now for our “the world is going to hell” crossover section! These fandoms are all insane, and they’re so ripe for meeting each other in serious “we’re screwed” situations, or in a more light-hearted ridiculous or awkward moment. What kind of cataclysmic event could lead to Dean/Sam, Bethany/the Prophets, and Jesse/Cassidy/Tulip all convening on Purgatory at the same time? What would Castiel’s relationship be to Bartleby and Loki? Are Bartleby and Loki up on all the shit Castiel has been stirring up by helping to thwart the Apocalypse? Do they know who the Winchesters are? What is Bartleby and Loki’s relationship to Fiore and DeBlanc, or Jesse with Genesis inside him? Does Wynonna and crew believe in angels? That could be awkward if Castiel and/or Bartleby/Loki show up. Do Dean/Sam and/or Wynonna/Doc/Dolls catch on to what Cassidy is, and it leads to a super awkward showdown with Tulip and Jesse? What kind of fun can Crowley stir up with all these idiots? Does he try to get in the way of Azrael’s plot because he likes this stupid earth, thank you very much? Does he know what Genesis is, and maybe tips the boys off to it because a human with that much power is bad for business? Did Doc maybe try to make a deal to end his immortality, but even Crowley couldn’t get him out of that mess? Is Black Badge loosely affiliated with the Men of Letters, and Wynonna is not here for these British assholes trying to tell her what to do? (Wynonna side-eying Mick Davies would make. my. life. though!!!)

Fic Prompts:

* Bartleby and Loki have to go to Purgatory to walk through their purifying church, because there is little funnier than knowing creation can be unmade by going to Purgatory :D Do Sam and Dean catch on because of all the weird activity in the area? Can Castiel hear Heaven freaking the fuck out because Bartleby and Loki are about to undo creation? What’s it like when Wynonna meets up with Bethany, Jay & Silent Bob and realizes they’re the Scion and two prophets? Do Bartleby and Loki remember Doc Holliday? How do they feel about revenants? Do they make fun of Bobo’s coat too? ;D Maybe Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy are already in town looking for God, and hey - no God yet, but more angels!

* Related - Purgatory seems like a great place to find a missing God. Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy walk into Shorty’s and meet up with Wynonna, Doc, and Dolls. Not every day you see a preacher walk into a bar.

* Does Castiel catch on to what Jesse has inside him? Does he knows what happened to DeBlanc and what he and Fiore unleashed in the Saint of Killers? Does Cas want Genesis out of Jesse, or does he want Dean and Sam steering as clear of him as possible?

* Or maybe Dean and Sam are on a case in Anville before it bites the dust. Maybe they’re ghost hunting and happen on all the craziness involving Jesse Custer’s church. Maybe they start suspecting him, which Cassidy and Tulip don’t take too kindly to? Or, after Anville gets blown to pieces, maybe Dean and Sam start tracking Jesse, Cassidy, and Tulip?

* There’s more than enough revenant activity in Purgatory to draw Dean and Sam’s attention. Maybe they show up to the same revenant hunt as Wynonna, Doc, and Dolls? Or maybe they waltz into Shorty’s pretending to be FBI, and Wynonna is having none of this bullshit?

* Or honestly, I’d love to see these characters get drunk and fight and have lots of ill-advised but yummy sex. Any one night bar hook-ups would be lovely! Poker turned high stakes? Post-mission adrenaline highs? Bandaging up battle wounds leads to sexy times? Or just a bunch of crossover angel sex, with lots of wings!!

* Would Castiel try to talk Bartleby and Loki out of undoing creation? Or maybe the three of them used to hang out and get wasted before Loki threw down his sword and Bartleby/Loki got chucked from Heaven? Or maybe Dean and Sam somehow get on Azrael’s tail - track murders in the New Jersey area, all in homes with central air? ;D Or Crowley tips them off because he hates that guy?

* I love demonic possession and/or shapeshifters and any other weird behavior shift/loss of control/doppleganger devices you want to throw at me! Maybe Wynonna knows exactly who the Winchesters are, but when Dean and/or Sam are hitting on her suddenly it’s not them. Or demon possessed Wynonna knows exactly what Jesse has inside him and is all over him for information, much to Tulip’s annoyance. Or something in the area is affecting angels - making them feel extreme pain? Making them feel out of their mind horny? Could be awkward if Cas, Bartleby, Loki, and/or Fiore are in town! Does it affect Jesse because of what he’s carrying?

* I love Jeremy Chetri, honestly. Give Jeremy all the crushes on all these hot assholes, and make him say silly adorable things! :D

Art Prompts:

* Wings! What do Castiel’s wings look like next to Loki and Bartleby’s? Are they broken? Are they black vs white? Does Fiore have wings? Were they impacted in Hell?

* Church scenes! Stained glass windows. Loki and Bartleby outside, Dean/Sam or Wynonna/Waverly blocking the way? Jesse preaching while the SPN or Wynonna Earp crew look bored? Bethany listening but being distracted by kids fighting in front of her? A fight in a church? Dean and Sam there for the Preacher Angel fight scene? Dean/Sam and Wynonna/Waverly facing off against a demon in a church? Peacemaker and the Colt both drawn?

* Bar scenes! Jesse drinking in preacher garb. SPN and Wynonna Earp crews playing poker. Cassidy, Jay, and Silent Bob doing shots. Cas, Bartleby, and Loki spitting out tequila because they can’t drink it. Cas awkwardly tries to console drunk and very sad Fiore. Bar fight! Bottles shattered, tables broken, blood on the floor. Bar is closed! Wynonna Earp vs SPN strip poker. Dean is awkward-nerd hitting on bartender Doc and Sam and Waverly are so embarrassed for him. Jesse in deep philosophical conversation with Bartleby and Loki while Cassidy and Tulip look bored.

* FBI Hijinks! Fake agents Dean and Sam in suits! Or being stripped out of suits! I like clothes and their pulling off. Maybe Jesse and Tulip are seducing “FBI” Dean, complete with the pulling and preacher stripping and hands peeling Tulip out of her blouse? Wynonna handcuffs FBI Dean to the bed because the fake cop thing is stupid and Dean is a-ok with that. Wynonna in the pink thong! Doc in his hat and nothing else! Bartleby and Loki’s metal armor! Crowley thinks Azrael’s white suit is stupid but he'll still fuck the guy 😂

* Crossroads deals! Shadowed crossroad at night. Crowley standing across from whoever he’s doing business with. Did Doc try one back in the day? Maybe Wynonna to get her family back, or Fiore wanting DeBlanc? Jesse to get Tulip her baby when he was real low? Or praying for angels! Jesse talking to Cas and not knowing what he is. Wynonna picking at annoyed Castiel because no way is he an angel! Dean and Sam standing up to Bartleby and Loki with wings out!

* Possession! Black eyes, evil smiles *_*

Crossover #4

Optional Ships I Will Love: Major/Dean, Major/Ravi, Dean/Mulder, Scully/Sam, Dean/Liv

A zombie outbreak in Seattle seems like something that might tip the attention of Dean/Sam and-or Mulder/Scully. I love the idea of fake FBI Dean and Sam showing up to investigate a case, only to have real FBI Mulder and Scully already in town. Do Dean and Sam know who they are? Maybe Dean has a bit of a hero worship thing on Mulder? Meanwhile, Sam and Scully can have a nice chat and get to know each other over some brainier pursuits? (I’m fine with this being platonic or shippy!) I’m also so here for a Liv!Brain that makes her come on to Dean, and Dean’s not saying no. Or Dean deciding Major is hot as hell at a bar and trying to pick him up, only to realize Major is wrapped up with the case he and Sam are investigating, whoops. Or Liv eats an alien truther brain and turns into Mulder’s favorite person ever, while Scully is totally over all of this insanity? :D

Fic Prompts:

* Seattle has zombies, fact. Dean and Sam kill zombies, fact. Mulder and Scully investigate zombies, fact.

* Liv on sexy party girl brains, Dean is very much enjoying this, Liv’s lovely friends try to keep her off what they think is the “innocent FBI agent” :D

* Liv on alien truther and/or conspiracy theorist brains. Mulder eats this up with a spoon. Scully, not so much.

* Dean with some hero worship on Fox Mulder, dude is a legend in supernatural circles and he’s doing it without knowing for sure that all of this stuff is real. He’s not even a hunter! I’m all for this being a platonic hero thing, or a full on Dean crush that turns adorable and awkward real quick!

* Dean and Sam are fake FBI agents here to investigate your supernatural mystery! Only … oops, Mulder and Scully are actual FBI agents here to investigate the same thing.

* On a completely non-zombie related case, Scully and Mulder are investigating and Clive is assigned to them as local support. Clive struggling to assist them while also keeping their attention off the very obvious zombie problem would be amazing :D

* Maybe in one of those times where Scully is off FBI duty and is working as a medical examiner, she’s working on a case that Sam is investigating. Eeee I don’t know, I just think these two would click talking over medical results and quieter things, and maybe going out to dinner, and maybe something afterwards?

* Dean and Major. I’m not exactly sure how it would work, maybe just a random bar hook up or gym meeting while Dean’s in town working on a case. But guh. Dean/Major am I right??

* Or maybe Mulder is investigating some string of weird occurrences, and the one thread between them is that Sam and Dean Winchester were spotted there.

* Angels would be such a fun bit of randomness to drop into iZombie or X-Files. How would Mulder and Scully react to meeting Castiel? Does Mulder believe in angels? I actually wonder how violent Scully’s reaction would be, after all she’s gone through with her faith :( A Castiel-Scully conversation could be really touching and wonderful.

Or hey, iZombie knows zombies are real. How about angels and demons? Would Crowley have any reason to decide to stir up some trouble in Seattle? Maybe he goes into a soul-brain side business with Blaine :P Are people making deals left and right to get out of the zombie thing? Would Liv and co have any reason to meet Castiel, and do they buy into the angel thing?

* The Supernatural or iZombie crews are somehow involved in what might be an alien abduction...maybe? Mulder and Scully are there to investigate. Make this as silly or serious as you want, I’m here for crack too!

* Dean and Sam get in some kind of hot water and end up arrested while they’re on a job. Because of supernatural incidents in the area, Mulder and Scully are brought into question them. Dean and Sam’s poker faces vs Mulder and Scully’s questioning would be so much fun though :D Especially if whatever supernatural thing is on a time limit, and Dean and Sam are trying to get out of there asap before the thing happens again! Or maybe the ghost or something comes for them in lockup and Mulder is there to see it?

* Or hey, maybe there’s past history with the Winchesters and the iZombie crew. Maybe they know Liv is a zombie, and they trust that she has it under control. So when there’s weird shit happening in Seattle, they can stop by the examiner’s office and ask a favor of her and Ravi. Or they can show up to help iZombie team needs it!

Or flipside! Mulder keeps up with the gossip about hunters, and he knows Dean and Sam. If a case gets hairy, he might call them in for advice or backup. Scully is likely having none of this ;D

Art Prompts:

* Any scene of Liv on fun brains and another character reacting! Maybe she’s on porny brains and is leaning on Dean, playing with his fake FBI tie? Maybe she’s holding up a big foot picture for Mulder, who’s taking this way too serious?

* Dean Winchester has a Fox Mulder picture above his bed ;)

* Anything in the middle of the investigation. Mulder/Scully and/or Dean/Sam and Ravi/Liv in the medical examiner’s office? Mulder/Scully and/or Dean/Sam and/or Liv/Clive outside at a crime scene? Kneeling to look at a clue in the dirt?

* Caught in the act! Liv in rage out mode. Is she attacking Mulder/Scully or Dean/Sam, or is she protecting them against someone or something else? I love the crazy rage out eyes Liv gets when she turns, and her taking out people who are two times her size!

* Sam and Scully, candlelit dinner! Sam and Scully, candlelit bedroom after!

* Mulder and Scully walk into a room (maybe into Ravi and Liv’s office) and Dean and Sam in FBI gear high-tail it the other direction, lol. Chibis or cartoon “nopes” welcome if you’d like to do something crack-ish! :D

* Dean and Major making out. *nodnod* Late night gym locker room? Scuzzy bar bathroom with graffiti'd bathroom stall door? Up against the brick wall of a nighttime alley?

* Dean and Sam watch Liv eat something delicious-looking and no doubt full of brains. Dean probably looks more than a little nauseous :D

* Or Dean stealing something of Liv’s to eat because it looks delicious! … And he doesn’t know it’s brains. And Ravi and/or Clive watch nearby like “.............” I am all for chibi or cartoon O_O eyes if you want to make it crack, haha.

* Dean and Sam handcuffed on one side of an interrogation table, Mulder and Scully sit on the other side.

Crossover #5
Agent Carter
Fantastic Beasts

Optional Ships I Will Love: Sousa/Thompson, Sousa/Thompson/Carter, Graves/Newt, Graves/Theseus, Newt/Jacob, Newt/Graves/Theseus, Graves/Picquery, Graves/Grindelwald, Picquery/Carter, Graves/Thompson, Graves/Carter

This will take a bit of time manipulation to manage, but oh the fun it would be *_* Maybe move up the conception of the SSR to post-WWI? Or set Fantastic Beasts in a magical New York post-WWII? I just love the idea of the SSR set up as this legitimate organization to protect New York against outside threats, which very often stretch into supernatural territory. And the MACUSA as an undercover magical organization very much serving the same purpose, but with wands and spells vs. guns and no-maj detective skills. How does one group catch on to the other? Maybe both sides are investigating the same crime scene, but for different reasons? Does Peggy see a bit of magic one night? Or maybe the SSR crew is on to something but doesn’t realize what it is - Newt and Tina are sent in to keep an eye on them? Do Graves, Theseus, or Jacob maybe remember Sousa, Thompson, or Carter from the war? What did the magical community think of Captain America?

* Peggy, Sousa, and Thompson don’t always agree on everything. But when they do, it’s that Kowalski’s bakery is the best thing ever.

* Peggy and Sousa are investigating a crime scene, and happen on Tina and Newt doing the same thing. Maybe they awkwardly feel each other out?

* Grindelwald takes Thompson instead of Graves. There has to be some benefit to being inside an organization that’s protecting the no-majs from outside threats. (Might be hilarious if Peggy and Sousa notice the change because Thompson isn’t being quite the dick he usually is ;D)

* Sousa and Thompson are having one of their usual snarkfests. Suddenly, they both glance over, and there’s a niffler strolling down the street...

* Peggy, Sousa, and Jack stumble on a trapped Graves, in any level of damage or psychological distress you’d like! I’m all for whump *_*

* Maybe Peggy has a connect in magic society after everything she saw during the war and coming over from England. Maybe when something weird happens in New York that defies all other explanation, she knows how to get ahold of Theseus who sends Newt to her aid. Or she has the contact for Madame Picquery.

Or she can’t get ahold of Graves, but apparently he’s around… And that’s when Peggy starts to suspect that the Percival Graves walking around New York is not the actual Percival Graves?

* Or really, Peggy and Picquery getting together *_* Either as a one time thing or an established relationship where they both have their crazy jobs and fall in together at the end of it.

* Somehow, Jack and Graves together. Like burning. Need it *_* Maybe Jack survives the end of Season 2 and Graves survives the end of Fantastic Beasts, and they end up in the same New York pub and strike up an unlikely rapport?

* Fusion fic where the SSR IS MACUSA. Or crossover fic where the SSR is another branch of MACUSA. Maybe Peggy, Sousa, Jack, and co. are all trained in a certain level of magic. Or they’re part of a select no-maj front for MACUSA, privileged to keep the secret of magic in New York.

Art Prompts:

* I love any and all clothes porn in these fandoms! Sousa and Jack’s suits! Peggy’s always immaculate outfits! Graves’ robes! Picquery’s headpiece! Newt’s many layers! I especially enjoy characters that are usually so covered in various states of undress, either in a sexy scene or in a post-battle bandaging scene. I love the action of hands on clothes, gripping, unbuttoning, unlacing, easing shirts off shoulders, etc *_*

* Any scene that features a historical New York! The buildings, the skyline, the alleyways, the lights, the crowds, the storefronts (maybe something with holiday lights or displays?). I love New York, and I love when it gets to play a part in art!

* Newt’s creatures! Especially interacting with characters from Agent Carter who normally don’t see things like this. Jack and Sousa tracking a niffler after it’s picked their pockets. Peggy meets the thunderbird for the first time. Jack and Sousa glare as Newt tries to trap a murtlap, who’s turned the SSR office upside down. Peggy holds a bowtruckle on her hand.

* I do love my whump, so maybe the moment where Peggy, Sousa, and/or Jack stumble on the trapped Graves. I’d love dark colors, cramped quarters, bound hands and feet, torn robes, blood. Make it as bleak as you’d like.

* Peggy, Sousa, and/or Jack munching Kowalski’s baked goods while Jacob looks on happily behind the counter!

* Something that makes it clear that Grindelwald is taking Thompson’s place. Maybe a bound and trapped Thompson, with a second Thompson touching him, or fixing his tie or hair, or just smirking as he heads to the door.

* Something out of an Agent Carter/FB fusion! Peggy spellcasting? Sousa and Thompson with dueling wands?

Crossover #6
Penny Dreadful

Optional Ships I Will Love: Victor/Ethan, Ethan/Malcolm, Ethan/Victor/Malcolm, Victor/Henry, Vanessa/Ethan, Ben/Caleb, Ben/Washington, Ben/Andre, Abe/Townsend, Townsend/Andre, Ben/Ethan, Ben/Ethan/Caleb, Ethan/Ben/Washington, Ethan/Andre, Vanessa/Andre

I know this one is weird, but bear with me… ^_^ I’ve developed a bit of a fascination with the parallels between Ben Tallmadge and Ethan Chandler at different points in American history. How they’re still, underneath it all, generally good people with good hearts who have made some really fucking awful choices - either by their own doing or being compelled by some other force. I also love, love, love the idea of Turn characters being introduced to the supernatural through a crossover with Penny Dreadful. Maybe, through Ethan, campfire stories in the Revolutionary War start about a creature that hunts in the night with hair and fangs? Do Ben and Caleb start thinking Ethan is a deserter when he goes missing multiple nights, but they have no idea what they’re stumbling on? Maybe Ben is by Ethan’s side and witnesses his turn in the Wild West expansion days, but he’s left alive for some reason? Or maybe there’s some reason for Ben and Caleb to be in London after the war, to run into the full Penny Dreadful crew. Are they part of Ethan’s traveling show? Maybe they get recruited to join the cause when Ethan does, or when Ethan goes missing from the show they stick around to find him? Were they blackmailed by Ethan’s father to try to find him, or maybe they honestly believe he’s in danger and by hunting him down for his father they’re doing the right thing? Does Ben and/or Caleb have a secret of their own that comes out?

Fic Prompts:

* Ethan is part of Ben’s regiment, and they have become decent friends. But not close enough for Ethan to trust his secret. He tries to get as far away from camp as possible when he knows he’s going to turn. Ben and Caleb follow one night, fearing he’s a deserter....

* Ben stumbles on the carnage left behind at the Talbot estate. He can’t make sense of it, just knows that Ethan is in the middle of it covered in blood.

* Ben and Caleb are part of Ethan’s traveling show in London. Are they also recruited in by Vanessa to join the mission to save Mina Murray? Or does Ethan suddenly disappear, and Ben and Caleb are trying to find him?

* Ben and Caleb are recruited by Ethan’s father to travel to London and bring Ethan back to America.

* Or, is Ethan recruited into the spy effort? What kinds of missions does he pull for Ben? Does he ever meet up with Abe, Anna, or Townsend? Does he wind up mixed up undercover with Andre or Arnold somehow? (Ethan/Andre though, oh my god…) Maybe a friendly attempt at company with Peggy puts Ethan on Arnold’s shit list? Does Simcoe ever catch on to who he’s working for, or what he is after dark?

If the Penny Dreadful crew moves over to New York or Philadelphia, maybe Ethan agrees to Vanessa’s proposition because of Sir Malcolm’s status with the British, as he’s spying for Washington? But he gets waaaaay more than he bargained for? (I’m not sure if Ben put ‘vampyre’ in his code book…)

* Or, complete opposite. Maybe the Turn crew is VERY well-versed in creatures that lurk in the night. Is contending with vampyres and other evil creatures par for the course for the Culper Ring? Ben/Caleb/Abe/Anna/Townsend stabbing and shooting evil creatures would make my life!

* Sir Malcolm Murray arrives at Townsend’s coffeehouse one night, looking for his daughter…

* Some pre-war occasion when John Andre stumbled onto Miss Vanessa Ives at the theater or in some other establishment. Or post-theater sex, either super sensual and slow or something darker with some of Vanessa’s demons coming out. Knifeplay? Biting and blood? Rope binding to the bedposts? I’m good with everything!

* If you’re up on Turn Season 4 - Ben isn’t in the frame of mind to be able to help with Caleb’s pain. But Ethan has known nothing but pain since he was young. I’d love to see him provide some comfort in his own way.

* Or honestly, just give me some Ethan/Ben porn - maybe a reunion in London after Ben thought Ethan was dead? Or something secret during the war, late at night in the barn or in Ben’s tent? I’m totally cool with Ethan/Ben/Caleb too! *___* Any reason for Ethan to strip off that lovely uniform of Ben’s would be most appreciated, nom. As mentioned above, I’d also be happy with some gratuitous Andre/Vanessa or Andre/Ethan XDDDDD

Art Prompts:

* Time period clothing! Either Revolutionary war uniforms or 19th Century London or America. So many layers, and so much fun peeling them off *_*

* Anything that plays with the darker side of Penny Dreadful. Maybe a blood-soaked scene of Ethan’s carnage, and Ethan is sitting in the middle of it. Or Ben and/or Caleb hidden while Ethan is turned.

* Sir Malcolm and/or Ethan in the middle of Townsend’s coffeehouse in New York.

* Ben, Caleb, and Ethan in costume at the Wild West traveling show!

* Candlelit bedroom scenes! Sensual stripping of suits, uniforms, and corsets. Maybe something more dangerous - knives, scars, blood, biting, pressing bruises, ropes around wrists.

* Ben and Caleb: vampyre killers! +1 if Victor is hiding behind them :D

Crossover #7
Rogue One

Optional Ships I Will Love: Arthur/Eames, Eames/Yusef, Cassian/Draven, Cassian/Krennic, Cassian/Eames, Jyn/Cassian, Krennic/Galen, Cobb/Cassian

Fic Prompts:

*rubs hands together* I just, I love the idea of dream-infiltration being a tool used by the Rebellion to hack into high profile Imperial targets. It seems like something that would be right up Cassian and company’s alley, and the Inception crew based in space is just too delicious to pass up! Maybe Cassian and company are targeting Krennic, and the team is assembled? Could Krennic's relationship to Galen be used to try to perform inception?? Or - one of the things I adore about Inception is the dream-like quality. How hard it is to know what in the movie is actually a dream and how much is reality. What if Jyn or Cassian encounter the crew after Scarif? Are they dead? Are they dreaming? Did they survive? Did they not? Maybe Jyn vaguely remembers being locked up with Cobb on Wobani, or Cassian remembers working with Eames as a forger for a few of his Imperial infiltration missions. But now they’re here, and what’s going on exactly?

* Any piece of the Inception crew joining with the Rebellion to perform extraction or Krennic. How much does it take Cassian to convince Cobb to join their cause? Does he have anything to hold over his head ala Saito? Is it just Cassian and Jyn from the Rebellion side - would Bodhi, Baze, and/or Chirrut have any reason to join? What is the first layer of Krennic’s mind like? Does he have security set up? Does it work?

* Or, if you’re going the Krennic route, I would ADORE if the con is being worked based on Krennic’s relationship to Galen. Maybe through scouting, Eames sees that Krennic’s relationship with Galen may be the way to get the idea of betraying the Empire into his mind? Galennic is one of my favorite ships if you go that route, or just make it a friendship thing.

* Is dream extraction a normal practice in the Rebellion? Does Draven have Cobb on speed dial whenever he needs information pulled? Do Cobb and Cassian work closely together? Do they have a good relationship, or is it contentious? Maybe Cassian has experienced Cobb’s work getting sloppy because of Mal?

Or maybe Cassian just has a fuck-and-shut-up type relationship with Eames, because it’s convenient and with each other it can (supposedly) mean nothing.

* What if the Inception team is working with the Empire instead? Are they all Imperials, or are they hired guns brought in by Vader? Maybe Cassian is captured pre-Rogue One, or Cassian or Jyn is the sole survivor of Scarif? Maybe traditional torture hasn't worked and Vader is tied up trying to get the plans back from Leia, so they turn to dream extraction to try to get the location of the Rebel base? Is the Inception team all business, or do they feel conflicted about what they're doing? What would Cassian or Jyn's dream states be like?

* Post Scarif, maybe a sole surviving Cassian calls in a favor from Cobb and his team. Maybe he wants them to go in and find some way to either make him forget what’s happened, or spin it into something he can live with. Make him convince himself it was all worth it?

* Maybe the Rogue One world is a dream? Is Cobb’s team working for the Empire, and they’re drilling into a trapped Cassian? And Scarif is what they find when they go into his mind? What would the Inception team be trying to get from Cassian? Who would Eames impersonate inside him? Would it work?

* Any moment where a Rogue One member realizes their current moment isn’t real. Maybe Jyn is back on Wobani, or she’s in a happy AU moment with Galen and Lyra that’s all a dream. Or maybe Cassian is in a moment where they all survive Scarif, or the Empire is brought down?

* We know kyber crystals can be mined off Jedha. What if there’s also a stone or substance there that can be used to make the compound used for extraction? Does Eames refer Cobb to a couple of old monks on Jedha Moon? Are they there by chance when the Death Star suddenly appears on the horizon?

Art Prompts:

* I love dream scenes! Moments where just a liiiiittle something is off to show that it can’t be real. Do the characters also realize it’s a dream?

Maybe dream scenes where Rogue One members are getting everything they could want, and it’s all too good to be true! … So it’s not real. Jyn with Galen and Lyra as an adult? Bodhi flying a tired/banged up Rogue One crew off Scarif? Cassian looking up at the Yavin sky and seeing the Death Star explode? Krennic taking off his Imperial uniform for Galen? Baze tearing up because Chirrut is alive, and he has his eyesight back?

* I love all the scenes in Inception as the team walks through the avenue of their approach to Robert Fischer, and I’d love to see something like that between the Inception and Rogue One crews! Sitting around a Rebel compound, with target notes on Krennic? Yusef and Baze looking over compounds while Chirrut stands nearby? Maybe pre-Rogue One, it’s Cassian and Cobb arguing strategy? Maybe Arthur and K-2SO are looking each other over skeptically? Or Draven is getting worked up, and Eames is just sipping a drink and smiling?

* The Inception crew thrust into a Rogue One/Star Wars scene in one level of a dream! Ariadne and Arthur firing blasters! Yusef trying to rewire an Imperial droid! Eames tossing grenades at Stormtroopers! (Maybe the Stormtroopers are Krennic or another Imperial mark’s dream security??) Cobb and Mal facing off on Scarif beach!

Crossover #8
Dark Matter
The Hunger Games - All Media

Optional Ships I Will Love: Two/Three, Three/Four, Two/Three/Four, Dean/Sam/Cas, Dean/Cas, Dean/Two/Three, Dean/Two, Dean/Three, Katniss/Peeta, Finnick/Dean, Two/Katniss

Odd combination, I know. But Supernatural and Dark Matter both have the lovely ability within canon to jump to different universes. Sometimes by design - angels or demons are mucking up something in an alternate reality? Sometimes by accident - the Blink Drive is acting up again? And The Hunger Games is such a great world to thrust unsuspecting characters into! I am perfectly fine with this being a crossover where characters from each medium interact with each other, or a fusion with characters from Supernatural and/or Dark Matter thrust without warning into a Hunger Games.

Fic Prompts:

* I just love the idea of Dean and Sam suddenly thrust into the insanity of a kill or be killed environment. Who would be the more willing to kill, no questions asked? What weapon would the brothers pick from the store of goodies laid out at the start of the Games? Would they trust Katniss and co? Would she trust them?

* I'm also here for no alternate universe! Maybe Dean and Sam are from one of the outer districts and it's the first time ever two brothers won back to back years. Are there no female winners from their district? Maybe they're both pulled into a Quarter Quell? What did winning the Games do to them psychologically? Are they on good terms, or do they not speak to each other? Is there a real question of whether they'll work together in the games vs. betraying each other?

What would their relationship be like to other victors? To Katniss and Peeta? If you want to go a shippy route, I am alllll for Dean maybe taking Finnick up on services at some point, and there being some weird history there *_*

* If the Dark Matter crew suddenly gets thrust into the Games, I'm all for some amnesia being involved as well! Maybe they come through with no idea who they are, suddenly being thrust up to water-level before the start of the Quarter Quell. Do they instinctively bond together, or do certain factions team up to take the others down?

* Or maybe this is post-Games, and the Dark Matter crew either accidentally uses the blink drive to wind up in the middle of the war. Or they purposefully insert themselves to help with the uprising. I would love any kind of badassery with Katniss and Two working together! Maybe Three gets to call Finnick "pretty boy," but all the razzing is because he can tell how messed up the guy is post-Quell and hey, getting him to argue a bit is better than nothing?

* Supernatural boys in space is such a tantalizing thought *_* Sam geeking out over all of Five's gadgets? Dean geeking out over all of Three's guns? :D

* Or, the Dark Matter crew ends up on Earth...and hey, the neighborhood they're hiding out in just happens to be ghost infested. And now these guys claiming to be FBI agents are here to ask questions. Are they with the GA undercover? Maybe the DM crew thinks they're members of the Authority or hired assassins, and Dean/Sam think they're part of whatever mystery they're hunting?

* No Alternate Universe - Dean and Sam are actually galactic hunters, and they just happen to be at the same bar where the Raza is getting some R&R *_* All the drunk fights and/or sexy making afterwards would be most appreciated!

* Castiel and the Android. Please.

Art Prompts:

* I really, really love the beach of the Quarter Quell in the second HG movie. I'd love to see characters not usually in that setting suddenly thrust out there just above the water. The colors and the brightness contrasted against the obvious confusion and dread, guh. Gets me every time.

* Dean fawning over Three's big ass guns!

* Sam watching Five tinker with some heavy duty tech! I would especially love if this shows off the height difference between the two.

* Two and Katniss fighting side by side, or maybe a softer moment. Two helping a bruised Katniss to safety, or Two letting Katniss curl up next to her in bed?

* Hunger Games Dean dressed to the nines and hitting on Finnick at some fancy get together.

* I love the elaborate outfits the Victors have to wear before the Quell! What would they put Dean and Sam into? Would they have them contrasting, as competing brothers from the same district? What would the Dark Matter crew wear?

* Castiel and The Android trying to understand each other...and whatever that means to you :D

* Dean, Sam, Two, and Three sharing drinks at some space station bar, or some hotter time afterwards.

* Dean and Sam with Two and Three on the bridge of the Raza.
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