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Hello! My name is Daisy, otherwise known as [ profile] days4daisy. I am a lover of so many rare pairs, thank you so much for writing for one of them! I can't wait to see what you pick :D

I know many people will say they're easy to please, but...really, I'm easy to please! I will be happy with a fic for General Audiences or NSFW. I love happy stories, sad stories, porny stories, and creepy stories. I have prompts written below, but feel free to write your own if you have an idea already. Happy writing!

* Banter, arguments
* Bets and Wagers
* Rivalry Ships or Enemies/Rivals to Friends/Lovers
* PWPs/Smut
* Alcohol, drunk one-night stands, awkward hungover morning afters
* Amnesia, Brainwashing, Mind Control, other mind-altering plot devices
* Mind Games
* Hurt/Comfort Sick/Comfort
* Canon-set Alternate Universe (role reversal, plot changes, making canon-enemies alt-friends or canon-friends alt-enemies, fix its)
* Fake dating
* Mistaken Identity - enemies not recognizing each other, masquerades, etc
* Atmospheric weather! Stuck in the rain, snowed in, huddling for warmth, being chased in thick fog, sweating in the dead of summer
* Dubcon: sex pollen, aliens made them do it, fuck or die, drug or alcohol-induced, inappropriate use of the Force, hatesex
* Jealousy Possessiveness
* Ghosts, wings, extraterrestrial/inhuman things, dream elements
* Dream fic, time loops, alt-timelines
* Power Dynamics
* Handcuffs, chains, rope, interrogation - bondage being used to enhance power dynamics or enemy/rival ships *_*
* Opposites attracting: the short one & the tall one, the older one & the younger one, the leader & the subordinate, the human & the non-human, the temperamental one & the calm one, etc *_*

* Animal abuse/death
* Spiders x_x
* Vomit (nausea = ok! But no graphic upchucking)
* 1st or 2nd POV
* Non-Canon Character Death
* A/B/O
* Role-defined BDSM or Roleplay
* Kid Fic or Pregnancy Fic
* Mundane AUs (coffee shop, flower shop, high school/college, etc)
* Arranged Marriage / Soulmates / Wedding fic
* Unrequested crossovers

American Gods (TV)

American Gods Season 1 is airing during the letter-writing period. Please feel free to incorporate anything from the end of Season 1 into your story, I'll be watching! I've also read the book, so feel free to add in any book references you'd like.

Shadow Moon/Mad Sweeney

Praise be, I shipped the hell out of these two in the book, and I'm happy to see that they're just as full of violent tension in the TV show. Sweeney has a way of getting under Shadow's skin, and vice versa. I love their bond over fighting, coin tricks, and booze. Anything in their drunken blackout night, or an alt-canon where Sweeney doesn't lose his lucky coin, or whatever else would be amazing!

* Something revolving around bets, wagers, and luck. Maybe Sweeney and Shadow get caught up in cards or another game, and the ante keeps getting raised until Sweeney's talking about one owning the other for a night, maybe longer depending on how long of a leash Wednesday has on Shadow ^_^ Or Sweeney is in a wagering frenzy with Shadow, testing his own luck again and again, getting angrier and angrier as Shadow bests him every time.

* Canon AU where Shadow holds on to Sweeney's coin. What's his price when Sweeney wants it back?

* I would love to see that fade-to-black drunk/fight night filled in! This drove my imagination crazy while reading the book, and it did the same in the TV show. What happens after the Sweeney/Shadow fight?? Does Sweeney actually show Shadow the trick with the coin? How does Shadow get the coin from Sweeney? What else happens in this blackout period? (Make it as sexy/angry/absurd as you want!) Is Sweeney just as out of his mind as Shadow, or does he remember afterwards?

* In the book and (so far) the show, there isn't much of a chance for Sweeney and Shadow to be on the same side. What does an alliance, even forced/temporary, look like? Maybe both are tasked by Wednesday to do something together? Maybe they're forced to spend a bunch of time alone on some mission. Or they're in a huge fight or life or death situation and have to work together. Do they ever warm to each other?

* Few people rile Shadow like Sweeney and vice versa, but the sex is rough and good and it happens more than it should.

* Wednesday walks in on Sweeney/Shadow's drunk-angry sex. His reaction, please.

* Or, Mr. Wednesday sets up the whole bar encounter with Sweeney and Shadow, wanting them to fuck a the end of the night. Does Wednesday set them up after that third shot of mead? Is there some bigger purpose to Sweeney and Shadow hooking up?

* Can anything magical/fun/weird/etc during sex?

* Some canon AU where Shadow holds on to Sweeney's coin, and because Sweeney is so attracted to luck it...acts as an irresistible impulse to Sweeney. The longer Shadow has the coin, the more attracted Sweeney is to him, and the more willing he is to do whatever Shadow tells him to. Shadow catching on to this, and how he uses it to his advantage would be wonderful. Also, omg it would make Sweeney so damn mad XD

* Sweeney got off on fighting Shadow, sure. But he'll get off on kicking the ass of someone who messes with Shadow even more.

* During the blackout drunk period, Shadow has a super explicit rough dream about having sex with Sweeney. It's so good that when he wakes up in the back of Wednesday's car, he's flushed hot and aroused. Did any of it really happen, or was it all in his head?

Crossover Fandom

Cassian Andor (Rogue One)/Han Solo (Star Wars Original Trilogy)

I mean, I want this for shallow reasons, sure. But these two together would be so interesting! Cassian has devoted his life to a cause, despite the terrible things the Rebellion demands of him. Han does bad things too, but his only cause in life is keeping himself and Chewie alive and paid. So much room for these two to clash, but also find understanding. And be hot together. Han's cockiness set next to Cassian's stoicism would be a dream, omg *_*

* Two strangers in a cantina locking up over a contentious game of sabacc. One thing leads to another...

* Cassian is in this cantina trying to meet an informant. He doesn't have time for this scruffy smuggler who keeps trying to pick him up. But he's awfully distracting...

* Canon AU: Han's Rebel connection starts earlier, as a secret informant for Cassian and the Alliance. Give me secret meetings, tension, anger, and maybe some quick catch-up sex behind closed doors?

* Canon AU: Cassian survives Scarif and becomes tangled with the Original Trilogy crew from A New Hope on. When do Han and Cassian meet? What draws them together?

* Cassian and Han both piss off the same warlord or Imperial and find themselves locked in the same prison/labor camp/Jabba's crummy basement/etc. I'd love any alliance of desperation where they're forced to work together to escape some bad fate.

* Pre-ANH, Cassian secures an invitation to Jabba's palace for intel. Han is still Jabba's prized smuggler, and he takes an interest in Cassian immediately.

* Blow off steam cantina one night stand hookup. No rhyme or reason. Give them enough drinks that Cassian will let his guard down, and they can go at it *_*

* Cassian survives Scarif and is taken prisoner on the Death Star. When Luke and Han bust in, blasters blazing, to save Leia they also free Cassian in the process. Something tells me Cassian would be just as unimpressed with Han first go around as Leia was ;) Feel free to give Cassian some signs of torture or injury post-Scarif here. Is he a little out of it because Vader has been trying to crack into his mind? Is he scarred and bandaged up?

* Or, a post-Scarif canon AU where Cassian is taken prisoner on the Death Star but the blast caused him to lose all/some of his memories. (Or memory loss is because of Vader's Force torture?) Maybe he still remembers he's in Alliance Intelligence, but he doesn't remember a thing about Scarif or how he came to be on the Death Star? Or maybe he remembers his name and that's about it? How would he interact with Han with this added layer of vulnerability?

In the above scenario, I'm all for it being the first time Han's ever seen Cassian. Or maybe Han haggled a deal with Cassian back in the day, and Cassian being this out of it makes Han angry enough that he sticks around with the Rebels longer than he should?

* Han and Cassian are allies in some fight. Escaping the same prison, caught up in the same cantina fight, etc. And the least they can do is patch up each other's wounds together. I kind of have a thing for the whole hurt-tending process. Removing bloody/ripped clothes. Disinfecting, stitching, and/or bandaging cuts. The gentle touches on bruised or broken skin, and how that can amplify any sexual tension that was already lurking under the surface *_*

* Cassian never wants to talk about Scarif, Han gets that. But he also has to watch the guy deal with nightmares every night. Something has to give.

* Cassian has Stormtroopers on his tail, he needs cover. Han is the closest person in the vicinity for him to grab and kiss, or Cassian plunks down at his cantina table and pretend they're together. Something tells me Han would play along, as long as he gets something out of it himself ;)

* Sex pollen, fuck or die situation, sex drugs? Here for these always! Cassian and Han both spiked at Jabba's and forced to perform? Han and Cassian scout post-ANH for the new Rebel base, and there's sex pollen on one of the worlds they try? Han busts in to break Cassian out of a jam but he's been pumped full of sex drugs, or Han is locked up in the same cell with a Cassian who's been interrogated under sex drug influence and he's out of his mind with need.

* Something I've always loved about Han is how much he wants to pretend he doesn't care, until something happens that makes him cares. Maybe he gets irrationally jealous of someone coming on to Cassian. Or he's convinced himself Cassian was a one night thing, until he nearly dies on a mission or he starts volunteering himself for a suicide task. I love jealousy and over-protection, especially when the person being protected has zero need for it XDDDD

* Han is imprisoned by the Rebels for interfering with one of their missions; Han is annoyed, even if his interrogator is crazy hot. Or, Cassian is nabbed by bounty hunters and held at Jabba's. Smuggler Han comes down to see him. Could maybe be persuaded to help for a price... (Canon AU where Jabba isn't after Han for dumping cargo, he's after Han for helping Cassian escape??) In prison scenarios, chains/rope/etc most welcome!

Cassian Andor (Rogue One)/Luke Skywalker (Star Wars Original Trilogy)

You know, I hadn't really thought of this ship before. Then I wrote them for Chocolate Box and totally fell in love! I love Luke's idealism vs. Cassian's world-weariness, and how their moods shift in opposite directions over the course of their stories. I would love something where Cassian and Luke happen on each other pre-movies, or something where Cassian survives and meets Luke around ANH/ESB. I love scenarios where an older character underestimates Luke because of his innocence, and Luke gets the chance to prove them wrong. I also love scenarios where Luke's belief is affecting, even to someone as jaded as Cassian.

* Canon AU where Cassian survives Scarif and becomes tangled with the Original Trilogy crew. Do Cassian and Luke meet after the Battle of Yavin? Is Cassian drawn to Luke's idealism? Is he around to see Luke's transition into the more weary, weighed down Jedi Knight?

* Some quiet moment where Cassian or Luke tends to the other's wounds. Maybe Luke is injured, and a post-Scarif Cassian no longer goes into battle, but he helps where he can. Cassian tends to Luke after Luke is rescued from the cold on Hoth? Or as Luke and Cassian grow closer, Cassian lets his guard down enough for Luke to help him with some of the pain he'll always have to deal with post-Scarif?

* Canon AU where Cassian is captured after Scarif and happens to be prisoner on the Death Star when Luke and co. show up. Other than my DNWs, I'm not squeamish about Luke stumbling on a Cassian who's been physically tortured/mentally Force-tortured/physically damaged by Scarif/etc.

* Cassian and Luke both have their nightmares. Maybe they find each other late at night when neither can sleep, and their relationship starts from there.

* Or, a post-Scarif Cassian who's lost his memories because of the effects of the blast. He's a prisoner on the Death Star when Luke and the others free him. Is he far more trusting than he ever would have been in his right mind? Or is he suspicious after all the torture and confusion, and Luke has to gently help him along?

Maybe Luke has never met Cassian before in the above scenario. Or maybe Luke remembers one fun Tatooine night with a stopover pilot who he was or where he was off to next. And seeing Cassian so lost affects Luke?

* Does Cassian ever visit Tatooine prior to the events of Rogue One? What would he think of a more innocent Luke if their paths crossed?

* Luke lets himself indulge in a few drinks after the Battle of Yavin. It's the only way he works up the courage to approach Cassian, who he knows is a war hero who survived the Battle of Scarif.

* Give me one time Luke uses the Force on Cassian, either intentionally or non-intentionally. Maybe Cassian has gotten reckless after Scarif and Luke accidentally taps into his mind to try to convince him not to do that again? Or maybe Luke reaches out to stop Cassian from doing something, and suddenly Cassian can't move and they're both taken aback? Or Luke his feeling so many new, scary things for Cassian, and his power is so new, it affects Cassian even though he doesn't mean to?

* Luke is under the effect of something at any point in the OT or after. Sex pollen, drugs, some kind of Force mind warp. He probably doesn't know Cassian well enough to go to him, but he trusts Cassian to know what to do and to do it without feelings being involved. Whether Cassian holds up that end of the bargain is up to you!

* Luke sees visions of a lot of things when he goes into his self-imposed exile. One of them is the memory or ghost of Cassian Andor, and relentless reminders of what his team endured on Scarif, as the First Order rises and war starts all over again.

* During Luke's training under Yoda, he has to confront his greatest fears. One is Vader. Another is to suddenly stand on Scarif beach alongside Cassian Andor who's bloody, limping, and minutes away from dying, the bodies of all his friends around him ;_;

* Cassian wants to convince himself that he's protective of Luke because he's young and innocent. It has nothing to do with feeling for him, or being jealous of other people. In Cassian's line of work, he knows better than to have feelings ;_;

Cassian Andor (Rogue One)/Poe Dameron (Star Wars Sequel Trilogy)

Honestly, I blame this request on a gifset on Tumblr. Gifs of these two side-by-side = boom, I ship it ^^; I love the contrast in the personalities of these two - the close-to-the-vest Cassian vs. the expressive Poe. Feel free to take liberties with the timelines! Maybe Poe is an X-Wing pilot and a contemporary of Cassian during Rogue One? Maybe Cassian is an intelligence officer under General Organa and a contemporary of Poe? Maybe Cassian survives Scarif, and he is an old-school officer who Poe has always been fascinated by? I'm here for anything!

* If Cassian and Poe are contemporaries, maybe they test each other over a game of sabacc or a different wager. Maybe they're both competitive in different ways, contentious and flirtatious at the same time. I love tense betting games that only heighten the sexual attraction lurking under the surface *_*

Or, Cassian is the old-school intelligence leader in the Resistance who Poe has always been interested in. Maybe a little betting on the side seems like the best way to crack the always-serious Cassian's shell.

* Contemporary Rogue One Cassian and Poe, one a leader of X-Wing squadrons, the other in Intelligence. Do they butt heads over missions? Do Intelligence agents and pilots not interact much, and there's curiosity on Poe's side over the secret missions Cassion goes out on? Maybe he sees a late night Cassian return and he can just tell something went wrong, even if Cassian would never volunteer information?

* In a contemporary situation, maybe Cassian approaches Poe to convince him to join the Scarif mission. Or maybe Poe sees Cassian's dark mood after returning from Eadu and has to get to the bottom of it.

* Or, in a contemporary situation, Cassian and Poe both survive Scarif and reunite in the aftermath.

* Old school intelligence leader Cassian thinks Poe is dead after being taken hostage by Kylo Ren and the First Order. His reaction when Poe is found on Jakku and is very much alive.

* Or, canon AU where Poe makes it back to the Resistance base, but the Kylo Ren Force torture has messed with his mind a lot more severely. Maybe he's still hearing Ren in his head, and Cassian has to help center him. Maybe an injured Poe is torn up about how easy it was for Ren to get the secret of the map out of him. Maybe he's trying to rush to get back out there, and Cassian has to slow him down - sees too much of his old self in Poe. Or Poe

* When Poe has a couple of drinks, he gets a bit more confident than he should. Confident enough to think he can go to old school officer Andor and flirt, or confess how into him he is, or try ot pick him up in other ways. Whether it works or not is up to you!

* Or maybe something where Poe's interest is more subtle. Does he see that old school Cassian still feels the physical and emotional pain of Scarif? Does he walk with a limp? Is he allowed a day every year to remove himself from base and remember the friends he lost at Scarif alone? Is Poe maybe drawn to Cassian because of the burden he can tell Cassian still carries?

* What would it take for Cassian to tell Poe what happened on Scarif? Or can he ever tell the story in a linear retelling? Maybe all he can manage are bits and pieces that come out as analogies or vague thoughts. But Poe is always paying attention for the smallest detail, and what each one says about Cassian.

* Poe should know not to go to Cassian when he's pumped full of interrogation sex drugs. But he isn't thinking straight, he barely makes it back to base and the old Resistance officer is the only person Poe can think to go to.

* Fwee, I love power dynamics in ships so much *_* I'd love Poe to be attracted to Cassian in part because of how he quietly carries his respect in his leadership role in the Resistance. I'd love him to marvel at the ease with which Cassian discusses matters with Leia, or the force he can put in his orders without raising his voice. Any breathless "yes, sir" you want to give me in a sex scene? 1111111!

Dean Winchester (Supernatural)/Xavier Dolls (Wynonna Earp)

Yessssssss give it to me *_* I could definitely see these two having a Dean/Henricksen sort of vibe. Only, instead of a cat-and-mouse pursuit, Dolls is maybe trying to recruit Dean into the Black Badge cause. Or Dean got in the way of a Black Badge cause, and now Dolls is hunting him. The dry sarcasm on these two would be off-the-charts together. I also love the thought of them teaming up to stop something that goesf bump in the night. Dolls admiring the Colt? Dean having to admit that Dolls came through on a lead? I'm also here for straight-up porn, because Oh My God, this would be hot.

* Dean and Dolls wind up at McCready's over a game of poker. Maybe they both know who each other is, Dean knowing all about the Black Badge rep and it being impossible not to know who the Winchesters are in Dolls' line of work. Maybe one knows who the other is, but not vice versa. Maybe neither knows who the other is, and the cards are a chance to feel each other out. A little flirting, a little threatening, some drinks and high stakes.

* Dean and Dolls are those opposite side of the ledger guys that always wind up in the same place on opposite sides of some issue. They fight a lot, threaten each other a lot, and ultimately have a lot of sex before they move on.

* What happens when Dean finds out what Dolls really is? Does he demand an explanation? Is his first instinct to take Dolls out? Or does Dean hunt Dolls down because he *knows* what Dolls is, but seeing the person Dolls is makes Dean hesitate in killing him?

* Dean and Dolls on a rest night. One too many shots. A couple hands of cards, or a round of two of pool. Things progress from there.

* Dean and Dolls team up against some monster or demon. Things go their way, but they're banged up and have to clean up each other's wounds together. Bandaging and blood cleaning and being all close with their clothes off leading to good things? Always love *_*

* Some situation of deception between the two. Maybe a Shapeshifter takes on Dean or Dolls' form and lures the other with playing off the sexual attraction that's always been under the surface.

* Dosed with sex pollen or fuck or die drugs, forced to have sex if they don't want to lose their minds.

Eliot Waugh (The Magicians)/Original Percival Graves (Fantastic Beasts)

Eliot just needs some happy gay magical sex; he's been through so much, poor guy :( I love all the fun ways magic could manifest itself in a relationship between these two. I also love how much emphasis these two put on their clothing; my goodness, Eliot would get off on Graves' outfits wouldn't he? *_* As far as making this work: have fun! Maybe Eliot is transported to Fantastic Beasts time on a mission or by accident. Maybe he finds Graves post-Grindelwald. OR, Eliot finds Graves pre-Grindelwald and stops the whole thing from ever happening? Or maybe Graves is a teacher at Brakebills, old-school and tough, and Eliot has the hugest crush on him. Or, Graves is in Fillory, assigned to Eliot as his advisor once he becomes High King. Fillory isn't exactly Eliot's cuppa, but the advisor is. Whatever way you want to go, this would be so delightful, omg!

* Eliot has maybe had too much to drink, and suddenly Professor Graves is crossing right by him, and Eliot should not be jogging to catch up with him but...yep, Eliot is jogging to catch up with him.

* Eliot didn't mean to travel back to post-WWI New York, but...well, suddenly he's being interrogated inside MACUSA by this crazy-hot auror in a suit so fine that Eliot keeps forgetting what deep shit he's in.

* Or, no rhyme or reason necessary. Eliot and Graves stripping each other out of their immaculate, elaborate clothing. Suit kinks and clothing kinks and older/younger kink. These two need all the PWPs!

* Or, Eliot (and co?) are sent back in time because the key to solving some trouble in present-day America is to stop the early threat in Graves' time. Maybe this involves intercepting Graves before he can be abducted by Grindelwald. Or maybe it's finding Graves post-Grindelwald and making sure he lives?

* Professor Graves at Brakebills has to snap Eliot out of some curse-gone-wrong or clean him up when he's injured somehow.

* Maybe an AU where Eliot is one of Graves' aurors at MACUSA, and he's the one who realizes that Grindelwald has taken over Graves. Eliot's had a thing for Graves forever, any subtle difference is going to ping Eliot's warning bells!

* Or seriously, an AU where Eliot is one of Graves' aurors at MACUSA and he is crushing hard. Maybe he tries and tries and tries to stand out to Graves but never seems to get anywhere. Maybe it's only after he's given up that Graves reciprocates the feelings.

* One of the things that always hurts my heart in The Magicians is how life seems to force Eliot to be someone other than who he is. I'd love for Graves to see a kinship in Eliot because of their shared sexuality. Maybe Graves sticks up for him in a surprising circumstance. Or he's unfairly hard on Eliot in class, or when he finds Eliot in a drunk self-loathing stupor one night, but it's because Graves sees himself in Eliot and wants better for him?

* Brakebills Professor Graves is in his office, when in comes a drugged/babbling Eliot Waugh who's already half-crazy from some ultra-rare sex magic.

* Eliot is high king of Fillory, Graves is assigned as his reluctant advisor. Eliot doesn't like the man's attitude, but he is quite the looker so he's allowed to stay ;D

* PWP where Graves takes Eliot apart with magic and doesn't even touch him once. That will put me over the moon, omg *_*

Ethan Chandler (Penny Dreadful)/Benjamin Tallmadge (Turn)

This is a weird one, I know, but I've been thinking about it for awhile. I love how ideal and kind-hearted these two start as in their respective times, and how worn down they are by the Revolutionary War and the Wild West expansion. I love how they wear their hearts on their sleeves. I love that they're tall and lanky, and I love how delicious they would be running fingers through each other's hair *_* Have fun with making their timelines work, I'm easy! Move Ethan back to the Revolutionary War, maybe. Or move Ben up to the Wild West exploration, or over to London in later years. I also love the element of the supernatural Ethan's presence would bring to this crossover. Anything darker and creepy is welcome here too!

* Camps have ghost stories about a creature that tears men apart limb from limb on full moon nights. Ben, of course, never believes it, until he finds himself confronted with the creature himself.

* Ethan and Ben already keep one secret with their relationship, but Ethan has to work doubly hard to hide his monstrous secret identity from Ben.

* Ethan has Ben chain him and shows him what he turns into when the moon comes out.

* Ben is part of the search party sent to hunt Ethan down. Maybe the search happens in America, or Ben is sent to England? Maybe Ethan's father knows about Ben and Ethan's past relationship and holds exposure over Ben's head to force his loyalty?

* Ethan's protectiveness of Ben takes on a more violent, dangerous quality as he's influenced by the wolf curse. Ben is torn between being attracted to his possessiveness and concerned by how out of character it is.

* Maybe Ethan's inner monster acts as a form of irresistible force/sex pollen, and he's rabidly into Ben and can't control it?

* I'm all for dark, supernatural Penny Dreadful forces coming into play! Maybe Ben is possessed by something (ghost? dark spirit? whatever?) and it plays off the closeted feelings that were already lurking under the surface. He comes on to Ethan, and Ethan has wanted this for so long. He knows something is wrong, but he can't stop it maybe?

* Ben finds Ethan after the devastation at Ethan's father's ranch. He doesn't understand what's happened, just that Ethan is alone and covered in blood.

* Ben doesn't know where Ethan goes some nights. He just knows Ethan finds his tent before morning, freezing and covered in blood. Ben cleans him up and lets him stay every single time.

* Don't even feel like you have to include the werewolf part. I'd be equally happy with pre-curse flirtation and a relationship consummated in secret *_* Or an Ethan in the Continental army alongside Ben, worrying when Ben starts to get reckless on Washington's behalf.

* Or move Ben to Wild West times and have Ben and Ethan sit together in the aftermath of a native slaughter. Can they even communicate about the horrors they've just seen, and been a part of?

* Ben and Ethan drinking next to a bonfire during the war, sitting close to each other to keep warm. Or sharing drinks in a London tavern and catching up on old times.

* If Ethan's Penny Dreadful dark secret is being a werewolf, what is Ben's dark secret? Does Ethan ever find out about it?

* Ethan and Ben don't exactly live in the of times. How do they find out the other is also into men? Are they attracted to each other forever, but feel doomed to never be able to realize it because those types of relationships aren't allowed?

* Canon AU where Ethan and Ben both turn up at one of Dorian's fancy parties, and as the only two Americans in attendance they get to talking. Maybe things naturally take a turn towards the flirtatious? Or maybe Dorian decides he likes them together and uses his influence to get them closer to satisfy his own interest? More sex-absinthe perhaps? ;) Or the party turns into one of those Dorian Gray orgy specials, and it involves some drug that has Ben and Ethan unable to resist each other?

Lando Calrissian (Star Wars Original Trilogy)/Peter Quill (Guardians of the Galaxy)

These two could have so much fun together! I love Lando's public leadership persona with the undercurrent of the swindler that came before. Maybe, like Han, Peter knew Lando before Lando rose to his position of power in Cloud City. Or maybe the Milano crew is on a stopover or searching for something inside Lando's walls. Would Lando ever hire the Guardians for a job? Or do they exchange war stories in a random cantina one night? I love how resourceful these two are in their own ways. I love what a fancy dresser Lando is, I'm sure Quill would notice! I love how Quill goes about things the wrong way a lot of times, but he does it for good reasons. Lando would notice that too.

* Lando's at his usual haunt for his sabacc fix. It's his regular place, he knows everyone here. Except the guy in the red leather trench coat who keeps pretending his name is Star Lord.

* Flipside! People tell Quill that calling himself "Star Lord" at the cantinas isn't doing anything for his sex life. But when Quill spots the hot guy at the other end of the bar...hell, he probably has no shot anyway. Might as well give it a try.

* Maybe things get so dicey that Lando has to hire the Guardians crew for a job. Any kind of price negotiation, with flirting on the side, between Lando and Quill most appreciated! Or post-job payment and flirting? Or Quill just being way too complimentary about Lando's cape, he didn't even know he had a thing for capes until he met Lando.

* The Guardians crew just wrapped up this job on Cloud City, and they're having an R&R night before heading out. R&R does not mean Quill should have one too many drinks and follow up on the small thing he's got for Lando but...welp, here they are.

* How does Lando react to finding out about Quill's love of music?

* Lando and Quill had some good nights and bad nights together. But Lando still knows he can trust Quill, so when Han is handed over to Jabba, Lando knows who to ask for help.

* After the end of the Vol 2 movie, Quill stops over in Cloud City to break the news about Yondu to Lando. Maybe Quill and Lando didn't last leave on the best of terms, but Quill still feels like he should say something. And Lando can immediately tell how much Quill has grown up since they last crossed paths, and just how heavy the pain of losing someone so close is weighing on him.

* Lando is already on edge setting this trap for Han because his city is under siege by Darth Vader. It doesn't help when Quill shows up in Cloud City unnanounced before the Millenium Falcon!


This show is still airing during the letter-writing period. Please feel free to incorporate anything from the end of Season 3! Also, please ignore any canonical character deaths unless referenced in the prompts.

Jim Gordon/Victor Zsasz

You know, these two were a mild curiosity for me in the earlier seasons of Gotham. As resourceful as Gordon is, Zsasz is such a worthy adversary. He's always jam-packed with firearms, seemingly unflappable, always comes back for more, and is delectably business-first abut killing. Season 3 expanded on the relationship between these two in a big way. We got to see that Zsasz doesn't actually hate Gordon - if anything, he likes the guy! But business is business, no hard feelings *_* I love this calm, rational murderer running around Gotham. I love that he's bald, sassy, and matter-of-fact. I love that he's one of very few characters who ever seems to get Jim off his game. Jim off his game is quite relevant to my interests.

* How about an AU where Gordon doesn't go back to the GCPD? He stays as a bounty hunter, which means his path is going to cross with Zsasz's in a similar line of work. Would they ever have cause to work together? Or maybe they both get assigned the same mark - but Gordon's out to give the guy to his client, and Zsasz is out to kill him. Something's got to give.

* Is there any circumstance where Zsasz would help Gordon if he wasn't currently on a mission to kill him? Maybe the person Zsasz has targeted attacks Gordon, and Zsasz takes the mark out before he can finish the job. Gordon waking up after being knocked out or losing a bunch of blood, and finding Zsasz waiting for him would be amazing. Or Zsasz getting him cleaned up and bandaged?

* How long does it take Gordon to realize that Victor's fixation on him is more than just platonic? How much longer does it take for him to realize that the fascination is mutual?

* There is so much potential for these two to be embroiled in some fight and have it give way to sex! Last two men standing in a shootout or brawl, and flailing punches and kicks turns into pinned limbs and kisses? One ends up at the barrel of the other's gun and says to do it, but the other doesn't?

* Zsasz happens on Gordon in a bar after Gordon's had one too many drinks and isn't quite in the right mind to make a good decision. Or, Gordon's drink gets spiked. Maybe Zsasz does it, because he needs information from Gordon and anything he gets on the side is a bonus? Or maybe someone else does Gordon in, Zsasz is the one who's going to kill Gordon eventually so he doesn't take kindly to someone else marking his territory. But saving Jim means Zsasz has a drugged out cop on his hand o do with as he pleases *_*

* If Gotham can have murder blood that causes people to go crazy, I can't see why it doesn't have sex pollen *_* I'm fine with one character being dosed while the other is unaffected, or both being dosed and out of control at the same time. Whatever works best for you!

* As good as Gordon and Zsasz both are, they piss off the same villain or warlord and wind up trapped together. Shared prison confines, and being forced to work together to escape? Yes please!

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Please note: I don't have a ton of experience with Marvel comics. If you want to throw in comics references, please feel free! Just know, everything will go over my head ^^;

Kraglin Obfonteri/Yondu Udonta

Gah, I shipped this in the first movie, then the second movie killed me ;___; I love the loyalty Kraglin has for Yondu. I love how long they've been by each other's side. How much it kills Kraglin to betray Yondu, and how they come back together in the end. I like thinking of all the trouble they must have gotten in together, the wild party nights they've no-doubt had, and the times Kraglin was around in his own Kraglin-way after Yondu was expelled from the Ravengers. For purposes of this exchange, please ignore the end of Vol 2!

* Some drunken rest stop night between Kraglin and Yondu, either in their younger days or sometime between the Vol 1 and Vol 2 movies. Lots of booze and clothes shedding most appreciated!

* As someone who doesn't know the comics and has no idea if this has been covered... How did Yondu and Kraglin meet? How did Kraglin get pulled in as part of Yondu's Ravenger crew? When did they first get together?

* Again, as someone who doesn't know the comics and has no idea if this has been covered... What is Kraglin's reaction to Yondu being dismissed by the other Ravengers? And/or, what is his reaction to Yondu's decision to keep Quill vs. handing him over to Ego?

* Vol 2 was the first time Kraglin spoke up against Yondu. What was another time that a crew member or outside party threatened Yondu and Kraglin came to his defense?

* What drew Kraglin and Yondu together? Is it sense of humor? Is it a carefree nature? Crazy attraction? Respect?

* Kraglin can tell he's got no shot with the captain, so he's off on his own trying to find a distraction for the night. Yondu finds out, and he's none too happy about it.

* Yondu is dosed with sex pollen or some fuck or die drugs, and there's only one person on his crew he trusts to get it out of his system *_*

Drax the Destroyer/Peter Quill

This ship has grown on me so much. Drax's literal personality could lead to so many fun misunderstandings! Size differences are always a big thing for me, as are pairs who can banter and make each other laugh. I love how Drax can care and offend at the same time, and how he and Peter develop their kinda-understanding and friendship. They can make each other laugh and have a lot of fun. I also love species differences in sci-fi fandoms, anything about Drax's culture and his perspective being different from Peter's would be lovely.

* Seriously, anything with these two drinking too much and making terrible life choices.

* Drax is swearing his allegiance to Quill, which is pretty awesome. Except, swearing allegiance on Drax's world involves consummating the deal with sex with his leader. Quill is skeptical of this custom.

* Drax knows Quill is low about Gamora, so he goes about helping. Just, not in the most appropriate ways.

* Some flippant comment Quill makes gets wildly misinterpreted by Drax. Maybe Quill says "fuck me" about a bad situation. And Drax seriously considers the proposal, and decides he's cool with it. Meanwhile, Quill has no idea what he's gotten himself into!

* I'd love to see some dark Quill clone or mind control where he's not himself at all. He's acting super smooth and flirtatious, and Drax does not get it AT ALL lol. He knows Quill's been into him forever, this is just validation ;D

* Sex pollennnnn! Peppered with Drax's reservations about giving in to a human who's slept with an Oscavarian, and Quill's reservations about just how HUGE Drax is going to be. Or, Quill is dosed with some fuck or die drug. He doesn't want Gamora to see him like this, and he's sure as hell not asking Rocket or Groot. That leaves Drax.

* I'd love to see Drax go full on protective for Quill. Like, after some perceived slight Drax is bashing skulls until Peter pries him off. It isn't behavior Peter should encourage at. all. was super badass, he has to admit, and more than a little hot *_*

Groot/Peter Quill/Rocket the Raccoon

Oh god, I know, but I've totally wanted this since the first movie ^^; I love the contentiousness between Quill and Rocket, and how loyal Groot is by comparison. I very-much have a height and culture-difference kink in ships, and you can't get much size and species-different than a human, a talking raccoon, and a tree. Please note: I would prefer Groot be the adult Movie 1 version here, or a fully adult version post-Movie 2.

* Getting felt up by a tree and a raccoon sounds like a stupid, horrible idea after a few drinks. It's slightly more intriguing after *more* than a few drinks...

* In the Klyn, maybe the inmates don't take the verbal cue from Rocket as proof of ownership. Maybe it has to be proved in a more physical demonstration.

* Groot is a plant. Plants let off sex pollen. Quill is affected by sex pollen. Rocket is amused and handsy. 1111111111

* Total PWP, because these three having sex would be fascinating. What else can Groot do to stimulate a human? Maybe use those branches like tentacles, or sprout leaves that can ghost all over Quill's body or something? Or Rocket with his teeth used just right, or his tail, or whatever. I just find the different species super interesting and would love to see how they fit together sexually!

* Or, in the Klyn or wherever else, Quill is tossed back in his shared cell with Rocket and Groot after interrogation. He's been pumped full of sex drugs and truth serum, and he's blissed out of his mind and in so much pain because he's so horny and strung out. And he can't even think about the fact that he's asking a damn tree and raccoon for help, he's going to lose his mind if Groot and Rocket don't help him.

* Rocket and Quill are at each other's throats so much in Vol 2 especially, I'd love to see a less-amped up moment where they're either comfortable or concerned about each other. Maybe Rocket's going through some spell where he's feeling all the surgical modifications, and he's in a ton of pain - as much as he keeps growling at Quill and Groot to leave him the hell alone. Or Quill gets so banged up on a job that he can't be his usual "whatever, it's fine" self. Maybe he's concussed and loopy, or maybe he lost a lot of blood and can't walk straight.

* Quill's got blowing off steam on the mind when he hits a bar. Rocket's feeling grumpy and possessive, and Groot will do whatever Rocket says. Being growled at by a raccoon isn't exactly great for Quill's sex life...

* Quill has a very happy, very vivid dream about a human-like Rocket and Groot fucking him. And it's really hot, like REALLY hot. So hot that the next day things are super awkward and fun *_*


As is always the case with Supernatural, please ignore any canonical character deaths unless requested. Thank you!!

Mick Davies/Sam Winchester
Mick Davies/Dean Winchester
Mick Davies/Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester

I wasn't a huge fan of the Men of Letters Season 12 story line. But Mick Davies. Mick Davies is so important to me, you guys! Tragic Hogwartsian back story. Nerdy lore foil for Sam. Stubborn but good-hearted. Flirts not-so-subtly with, well, everyone. Has soft hands. Can drink both Winchesters under the table. I love how this character wormed his way into more of a prominent role in the show, and with the boys. I wonder if Dean and Sam realized how much they'd come to like the guy before they found out what happened to him from Toni ;_;

Please note - I am happy to get Mick/Sam, Mick/Dean, or Mick/Sam/Dean. Please feel free to turn a prompt mentioning a twosome into a threesome and vice versa!

* I love when these three get off work talk for a bit and get some personal connection. Maybe a game of cards that brings out everyone's competitiveness, gets them arguing and trying to one-up each other in ways they hadn't thought possible. And some flirting and mounting tension thrown in, to keep it fun :D

* Mick gets the chance to introduce Sam to the Kendricks School and watches Sam light up about all the lore and other geekery *_*

* I love any post-danger adrenaline-high attraction! Maybe Mick, Dean, and Sam narrowly get out of a bind. And in the aftermath they're so amped up that sex happens. Maybe one or more are tied up, maybe clothes are ripped and they're bleeding and sore. But every touch is like electricity, and they can't even make it out to the Impala before they're kissing and running hands all over each other.

* How bad of a situation would it take for Mick to admit what he was forced to do as a kid to Sam and Dean? How would they react?

* Fill in the blackout of the Mick/Sam/Dean drunk night! Preferably with some making out, boys being stupid, and/or clothes coming off. Had to be a good night if Sam and Dean are that hungover.

* Some canon AU where Mick gets to ride the road with Sam and Dean more often, which means more 3 star hotels! Which means, when Mick and Dean get closer, they get to make out on a fancy mattress with a chocolate-mint on the pillow ^_^

* Okok, that moment in the Claire episode in Season 12 where Dean grabs Mick by the injured shoulder? Pain kink flared up over here, hello! *_* After everything Mick had to survive at Kendricks, what if he gets off on pain? What if, from the moment Dean grabs his injured shoulder, Mick keeps trying to rile Dean up? He wants to be shoved up against walls and bruised and cut. He has Dean's file, he knows how violent Dean can get, and he wants to bring that out of him. Does Dean catch on to what he's trying to do?

* Sam and Dean get the opportunity to convince Mick not to go back to the Men of Letters. That convincing should...hopefully involve some awkward talking about feelings and maybe some convincing that Mick *should* stay with them because they *want* him to?

* I love clothes porn so much. I literally just want Sam and/or Dean to have a suit kink that Mick fills, or vice versa. Complete with suits being stripped off, if you're so inclined *_*

* I love any kind of amnesia or mind control devices. Maybe the Men of Letters don't kill Mick, they just erase his memories and the brothers happen on him? Or the trio is facing off against some monster with mind control abilities, and suddenly Mick finds himself stuck between two brothers ripping off his clothes and pinning him down?

* Or any kind of sex pollen device! Maybe the three come across a monster with the ability to distract through stimulation. And all of a sudden, all three are getting super horny and can't stop looking at each other. Or, the Men of Letters don't kill Mick. When Dean and Sam find him, he's chained up and nearly blissed out of his mind with the interrogation drugs. Mick knows the drugs are going to kill him if he doesn't get off, maybe he thinks he deserves that. So he's babbling for the boys not to touch him, but when they do he's nearly screaming because he needs it so bad. It's not the button down type Dean and Sam are used to seeing, that's for sure!


Please note: Turn's fourth and final season will be airing during the writing period. There isn't much to spoil since it's, well, history :P But please know, I'm totally fine with you basing your story on Seasons 1-3. If you're inspired by something in Season 4 though, go for it!

And for purposes of this exchange, please ignore any canonical/historical character deaths.

John André/Benjamin Tallmadge

The first three seasons of Turn are an ode to the mental chess game between these two. Moves and counter-moves in a war of intelligence, despite neither having seen the other's face. Their meeting on the show, while brief, felt like the culmination of a three year-long cat and mouse chase. I find their differing circumstances interesting, and it's fun to wonder how close of friends they might have been in another world where war didn't make them enemies. I love how long and lanky they are physically, how stereotypically beautiful and boyish they are even in times of war. The hair, man, the hair would be so much fun *_* If you turn towards PWP, I also adore the clothing of Revolutionary War time. Specifically - the elaborate process of stripping off officer uniforms. *rolls ont he floor* Ahhhh.

* These two have had such an angry obsession with each other for so long, I'd kinda love their first meeting to involve consummation of that angry obsession. Like, a canon divergent first meeting where they're torn between punching each other and making out. What are their first thoughts about the other? Do they find each other attractive? Are they nothing like they expected / or exactly like they expected? Have they each been secretly dreaming of dominating the other in private if they ever had the chance?

* Some Canon AU where Andre and Tallmadge were on the same side. Maybe Andre was Tallmadge's superior in the Continental Army? Or maybe they were same rank? Were they contentious or did they get along great? Established secret relationship or first time attraction, either would be amazing!

* Andre captures Tallmadge or vice versa. Give me all the flirtatious interrogation! I am all for some shackling or rope binding for the captive *_* I'm also for Andre capturing an injured Tallmadge or vice versa, and the interrogation being peppered with wound bandaging and lots of sounds of pain *_*

* Or, turn the above darker. Andre and Tallmadge are usually respectful of their prisoners. The soldiers under them, not so much. Maybe one or the other is tortured far worse than intended. Or maybe Andre walks in on his men raping Ben, or vice versa. And this is just...not what the victorious party wanted, not when they've harbored so much respect for their opponent over the years.

* Andre and Tallmadge stumble on each other in plain clothes and don't realize who the other is. Maybe they're between lines and get caught during a storm, or there's sudden fire and they take cover in the same abandoned shed? Do they have to work together? Do they huddle together to keep warm, and that turns into arousal? Does either figure out who the other is? Or does it remain a mystery?

William Bradford/Benjamin Tallmadge

Season 2 hate ship of my dreeeeeeeeeams! These two despise each other, and I thirst for their rage. Natural hotheads who know how to push each other's buttons. "Time to shut that pretty mouth" = CANON *_* Ben pretending to take a role under Bradford's command, complete with Bradford forcing him to call him "sir" in front of the other officers? Also canon, and brilliant XDDD The canon sabotage by Bradford and Tallmadge's ultimate victory = great! I'm also here for any canon divergence where Bradford isn't a traitor. Maybe he's just an asshole in general who butts heads with Tallmadge over everything, which leads to so much anger and hatred and the furious need to fuck each other. *nod nod nod*

* I just...hate sex. I need it *_* I don't need any rhyme or reason. Maybe Bradford forces himself on Tallmadge. Maybe they're fighting in private, and their fight turns to grabbing and pulling off clothes and yanking hair, and the whole bit. Or alcohol-fueled hate sex. Guh.

* Canon AU where Bradford is still a dick and he and Ben still hate each other, but Bradford isn't a traitor to the Continentals. Is there some situation where Tallmadge and Bradford might be forced to work together? Maybe to take down General Lee, or some other traitor in their ranks? Do they ever find any common ground, or are they enemies til the end?

* In Season 2, Ben pretends to subjugate himself to Bradford so he can be inside any Bradford/Lee traitor plot. How does Bradford make Ben prove his loyalty?

* Uh, Revolutionary War sex pollen? ^^;;;; Maybe some crazy aphrodisiac-laced opium or other thing these two get spiked with. I just love the idea of them hating each other but not being able to resist each other either!

* Some Canon AU where Bradford is from Setauket too. The series is based around this group of friends from Setauket who form the Culper Ring and change the tide in the Revolutionary War. What if Bradford is an old rival from Ben's childhood? What if their anger is even more charged because they have so much baggage in their history?

* Bradford hates Tallmadge, but he's still caught off guard when the major is carted back to camp with bullet wounds, losing blood and fading. Or when he finds Tallmadge post-rape, bloody and trousers still around his ankles, clothes torn and drugged out of his mind.

* Or, above scenario with Bradford slightly more in the wrong. Out of spite, still stinging from the embarrassment of being beaten up in camp by Ben and Caleb, Bradford orders a secret attack on Ben. He just thought his boys would rough Tallmadge up a little bit. Batter up that pretty face, make him cry for mercy. He never expected them to rape Ben, and now Bradford doesn't know wtf to do?

* Or, above scenario with Bradford way more in the wrong! Bradford is so drunk and so riled up that he forces himself on Ben. He's not really thinking, he's ANGRY and he wants REVENGE. And he wants Ben too, part of why Ben pisses him off so much is because he wants him. it goes.


Season 2 will be airing during the writing period. I will be watching, so please feel free to base your story off of anything that comes up! Or feel free to write around Season 1 only. Gaps with canon will not bother me :)

Danny Wallace/Owen O'Connor

On one hand, I totally get why this show didn't get more of a fandom. It's a Lost parody that's airing at least 10 years after Lost went off the air, and it's a TBS summer comedy. On the other hand, these two only have 3 fics on all of AO3, and that is a crime because they are SO DAMN SLASHY OH MAN. I love the arc that their relationshp takes over the course of Season 1. 2 complete strangers drawn together by circumstance. Danny, so darn excited to have a new friend. Owen, the loner who wants to convince himself he doesn't care about Danny. Even the show knows they're subtexting like crazy. One character threatens them with, "Come on, Owen - do it for your lover." Another character dreams about them holding hands and staring lovingly into the each other's eyes during a wedding. Also, they cuddle together on the beach when they sleep = CANON. Also, Owen is deadly with a sex whip = also canon ;)

I will be watching Season 2, so feel free to incorporate anything from the show. But if you want to write around Season 1 only, totally fine too!

* Danny and Owen indulge in the mini-bar leftovers. Ill-advised makeouts/sex/awkward flirting/etc happens.

* Canon AU where Owen and Danny totally join the mile high club on the flight before it crashes. This is awesome for Danny, who liked Owen from the start! This is not awesome for Owen, who's attracted as all hell to Danny but also hates commitments.

* I'd love to see more of Jess' wedding dream, haha. Danny/Owen's perspective on attending Jess' dream wedding maybe? Or Danny/Owen being all cute and coupley while they congratulate Jess and Todd on their marriage? Super-Jess idealistic and not at all real life, but still ADORABLE! I feel you, Jess. *sad shipper pound*

* Post-Steve craziness in the season finale, I'd love something with Owen helping to patch Danny up...or clean up his flare gun wound with whatever the heck is still lying around on the island. And maybe they can awkwardly talk about feelings and missing each other and stuff. ( 1 if Owen also mentions that Pack sees dead people now, because that seems relevant to catch-up conversation :P)

* So, Danny's instinct is totally to wrap himself around Owen while they're sleeping. Can that actually happen? Can Danny wake up with his arms and legs all over Owen and be all torn between removing himself as quickly and quietly as possible and liking how Owen feels all tucked up and adorable against him? :D Or vice versa, Owen wakes up in a total bear hug and is torn between "wtf" and "this is kind of great..."

* Sex Pollen seems like it should be a thing on this island. Owen and/or Danny is affected by some type of rare plant? Maybe Emma tells them the affected party has to be fucked or they're going to die so...have fun with that! If Owen is the affected party, maybe he's already been into Danny but doesn't want to fuck like this. So he's desperately asking anyone else with a pulse on the island if they'll fuck him. Meanwhile, Danny thinks this is rejection from Owen and is all hurt :(

* Canon AU where Danny or Owen loses their memory in the crash.

* Canon AU where Owen is the one from the famous, wealthy family. Maybe becoming a flight attendant was his way of saying FU to his old man, and part of his cynicism about relationships is because people always try to be his friend for money. Danny doesn't know any of that though, he just thinks Owen is hot and awesome because...he's hot and awesome! And it takes Owen awhile to wrap his brain around that?

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